Ubisoft and Zero Latency will release a free-roaming VR experience

Ubisoft and Zero Latency will release a free-roaming VR experience


Ubisoft announces a partnership with the out-of-home virtual reality giant Zero Latency to adapt one of its franchises into a free-roaming VR experience.

Until now, Ubisoft has been rather known for location-specific VR attractions such as Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time. We do not yet know which of the franchises for which the studio has the keys will benefit from free-roaming processing. However, if we look at the side of Zero Latency, the latter generally comes out of FPS. Therefore, it may be necessary to expect a title of this kind, for example a variation of Tom Clancy.

With the restrictions linked to the covid-19 epidemic, Zero Latency had to close most rooms where the company offers its free-roaming out-of-home VR experiences. However, it does not relax its efforts and is focusing on the future by forging partnerships like the one with Ubisoft. At the same time, it will introduce new measures to operate without endangering the health of its employees. For example, it has for the first time installed systems remotely, simply guiding customers through the process.

What Zero Latency and Ubisoft see in this VR experience

Et Zero Latency put big with Ubisoft since the collaboration will bring an AAA franchise on its systems. Thus, Tim Ruse, CEO of Zero Latency VR, does not hide his excitement as a gamer in a press release relayed by the VRFocus site.

For its part, Ubisoft hopes to offer an innovative way and interesting to gamers and the uninitiated to, according to her, explore her worlds. And the studio believes in this new bet, highlighting the success of its existing VR attractions.

In any case, we will have to wait a little longer before trying our hand at these novelties. Thus, the new VR experience from Zero Latency and Ubisoft should only see the light of day 2021. Of course, we will keep you posted.

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