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  • Valve figures show what gamers prefer

The company Valve has revealed data taken from the virtual reality part of its platform: Steam VR. These data show that a majority of users push their HTC's sensors to the limit to expand their gaming space.

The creator of the online gaming platform Steam has delivered new data on the use of virtual reality, UploadVR reports. Valve has data on the use of headphones thanks to the SteamVR section of the program. The figures unveiled concern the space or "Place Space" that users devote to the use of virtual reality video games. They were collected during the first two months of using the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

Valve figures show what gamers prefer

The numbers clearly show that many users are playing beyond the minimum required and even pushing the used space to its limits. However, a high percentage of the latter use the "standing" mode of one meter by one.. With 18,5% it is possible that this minority is the owners of the Rift using SteamVR instead of the Oculus Store for its games. If this holds true, that percentage should decrease as the Oculus' second camera as well as Touch Controllers hit the market and allow Rift owners to use motion capture more effectively.

Overall, these data indicate that VR headset users prefer to use larger spaces to better take advantage of the gaming possibilities available. This type of information could influence developers to build their software based on larger spaces and use those large play areas imaginatively.. It remains to be seen whether this technology could be taken further into the future: larger rooms or even entire homes. A democratization of motion sensors mixed with an increased presence of connected objects opens the doors of the possible in the field of virtual reality.

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