Valve Index: VR headset specs designed for AAA games

Valve Index: VR headset specs designed for AAA games


Knowing that Valve is the creator of Steam, it seems logical that its VR Index headset is designed for video games. Unlike HTC Vive which mainly targets businesses and professionals, Valve is resolutely turned towards gaming.

Today, the firm reveals that the team responsible for developing the helmet worked internally with developers “AAA” games (big budget). They recommended them the technical characteristics required to be able to reach a certain desired level of fidelity.

To meet these requirements, Valve engineers have developed technical innovations such as the dual-element lens, the low persistence screen, the refresh rate or even the “off-ear” headphones. These are all points that distinguish the Index from its competitors.

Valve Index: performance and ergonomics as a priority

In addition to their performance requirements, developers wanted that the hardware team create a helmet that is comfortable enough to be used for long hours while playing video games worthy of AAA experiences.

Even if the price of the Valve Index may seem high (1079 euros with headphones and sensors), Valve wants to offer a device capable of meeting the expectations of the most demanding gamers. According to the firm, this VR headset is aimed "at experienced gamers who want more fidelity and realism without having to wait".

Indeed, Valve takes up a place left unoccupied by Oculus and HTC. While the first Oculus Rift is now three years old, Facebook has made the choice to offer a slight but inexpensive upgrade with the Rift S. In fact, early adopters who want to update their gear for better performance can now turn to Valve ...

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