Valve presents its virtual reality headset

    Valve presents its virtual reality headset

    We wondered whether or not during Steam Dev Days, Valve was going to present their own VR headset. No more suspense, it is now done. 

    When the Oculus Rift began, we were torn between two thoughts. Will they be able to stand out and interest the players? Or will this helmet remain a simple gadget that you store in the closet after a week of use? Such questions were indeed in our heads. However, Oculus VR has managed to show what they are capable of and have stood up for themselves in this dreaded world of video games. With their new version Crystal Cove, there is no doubt that Oculus VR will fly over this sector. One of the most beautiful demonstration of this success, the creation of a VR Support on Steam. An opportunity for the Oculus Rift, support from Valve which will be welcome.

    Unfortunately, over time, rumors have formed about the possibility of Valve creating their own headset virtual reality. this is today done sincea prototype of their machine was unveiled during the Steam Dev Days. What is Valve playing? Would the American firm be ready to compete with the Oculus? This long-awaited headset in the field of video games could well be stolen the show. Especially since this presentation was fruitful. Indeed the prototype in question offers a screen on each lens of 1080p. The difference with the Oculus must indeed be “obvious”.

    But do not panic! Fans of the Oculus have no fear. Such a turn of events surprised many of you. Indeed, with such an adaptation, we thought of Valve and Oculus VR as partners. Do not shout “betrayal” too quickly, since Valve created this prototype for the sole purpose of showing what virtual reality could look like today.. You understood everything, this helmet is not intended for marketing as is Oculus Rift. Relief for sure?

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