Video 360 music: discover a selection of the best clips in VR

Video 360 music: discover a selection of the best clips in VR


Video 360 music: discover a selection of the best clips in VR

The Weekend and Eminem in 360

Successful for the past few years, R&B singer The Weekend has teamed up with Apple Music and Go Pro to create a 360 music video of his track “The Hills”, duet with rapper Eminem. Published in October 2015, the video allows follow the singer in an almost post-apocalyptic urban setting. Balls of fire from the sky, cars in flames… get ready to live an experience as immersive visually as it is sound!

Muse gets “Revolt” in 360 clip

Last October, the rock group Muse illustrated his song Revolt a 360 music video that takes the viewer into a dark atmosphere. During'a concert in what appears to be a desert, clashes erupt among the crowd. Walk around in this video avoiding the shots… which don't bother Matthew Bellamy in his performance!

D∆WN, a fan of 360 video music

Singer Dawn Richard, now known as D∆WN, has repeatedly explored the possibilities offered by 360 video. She was also the first artist to broadcast one of her performances live in VR. In this 360 music video, who accompanies the title Redemption, the pop star invites the viewer into a completely fantasized universe. All dressed in purple, the world of Redemption will readily remind one of old video games from the turn of the century with the many polygons that create the decor.

The Naive New Beaters and Izia: three atmospheres, one video

In terms of clip 360, the French are not left out ! Realized by Romain Chassaing, the 360 ​​music video of “Heal Tomorrow” plays with technology to break the codes of music video. In just 4 minutes, the spectator will pass from the stage, to a party and a shoot by simply orienting his head. The three paintings overlap as Izia sings and sways.

FOALS sing in the mountains

In the 360 ​​music video of Mountain At My Gates, the FOALS group offers a black and white trip to the mountains. Filmed with a Go Pro, the 360 ​​clip uses a few tricks to enable original visual effects.

Duran Duran between four walls

The Duran Duran group also used 360 music video to illustrate his song “Pressure Off”, released in 2015. On the artists' YouTube channel, we can find a 360 music video presenting the lyrics of the song. The user is found in a square room whose walls are covered with torn papers on which the lyrics of the song are displayed.

Video 360 music: discover a selection of the best clips in VR

Music in VR… live!

Music videos are not the only area of ​​the music industry affected by the virtual reality revolution. Industry players hear well use technology to offer new experiences. It is thus already possible toattend live VR concerts. It seems that more and more companies, like Live Nation, want to invade this new entertainment niche. On the Web, many live VR concerts can be found. Among the precursors, we can cite the Tomorrowland Festival which, in 2014, was filmed in 360 video.

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