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A month ago, Imille, a communications company based in Milan, Italy, posted a video of their experience called. The latter is avirtual reality supermarket simulator fortest how consumers behave and react to aisles, product placement and more.

The experiment was carried out using twelve motion detection cameras as well as the Oculus Rift headset.

The user can therefore walk in the store and shop as in real life. He can grab a product to look at it in detail.The system knows precisely where the user is looking by analyzing the position of their eyes. Where the eye falls is that it was attracted there by the shape, the color or for some other reason.

It saves the journey of each user and they can be compared simultaneously. With the data collected, managers can reorganize their departments and thus increase their profits.

A possible future?

All of a sudden one can think that this type of experience could very well become commonplace in the years to come. It would be a matter of virtually shopping before being delivered to your home or by going to a store to look for it.

The only advantage would be not to be embarrassed by the world when there are or not to go to the supermarket. After that, you have to admit that an empty store can be a bit weird, unless you can meet other users.

Let's wait and see if this type of experience will be available to the public before we go too far.

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