Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: Towards a New Technological Revolution

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Tom Chatfield

Let us first briefly recall the nuance between virtual reality and augmented reality. The first denomination refers to an alternative reality created from scratch. Built settings and fictitious avatars, the disconnection from reality is total so that the user finds himself completely isolated from reality. Augmented reality, on the other hand, is a technology where virtual elements are superimposed on the real environment. in which the user operates. At first glance, these technologies can seem frightening and there are many doubts about health, morals and social issues. Some bars, cinemas and American casinos have also banned its use since the launch of Google Glass in 2012. What then of the virtuous properties of these two technologies?

The first to rejoice are obviously the gamers, now being able to dangle the possibility of completely immersing themselves in their favorite video games. Advertisers are not left out. Since identification is at the heart of the advertising process, there is no need to specify the value of these eminently immersive devices. In addition, some marketing campaigns have already relied on it:

  • As the campaign for Mariott hotels has shown, we will now be able to teleport to our next destination to choose it better.
  • We can, as Lexus has already done, be propelled behind the wheel of the car model of our choice to experience the sensations in a realistic way.
  • We will be able to visit our new apartment in advance, as Bouygues Immobilier has already proposed.
  • We can also attend conferences, professional meetings or even distance learning courses.
  • We will be able, with augmented reality, to make our loved ones appear by our side during long separations.

These new technologies, admittedly still young, undoubtedly constitute the next revolution. In 2013, François Hollande set up in a speech an “augmented reality” plan in order to strengthen French companies, support innovation and promote Made in France technologies. Still difficult to access and unknown to most, their democratization will certainly be accompanied by new modes of consumption and communication. The industrial revolution, the digital revolution… The great advances always raise mistrust and curiosity but always have the same purpose: to improve and facilitate our daily life.

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