Virtual reality: applications exist to save lives

Virtual reality: applications exist to save lives


Virtual reality is used to improve medical performance

More and more medical students are use virtual reality for clinical training purposes. So there is the application CyberAnatomy With VR which endeavors to provide them with various experiences. Power visualize and interact with human anatomy by dissecting or using the appropriate tools are included in it.

In the same state of mind, zSpace makes possible exploration of the human body. In order to increase the speed, mobility and efficiency of surgeons, 3 apps top the list. We thus speak of RASimAs, SimSurgery et VR Training SImulator.

Quality therapies offered

A part of the population believes in the benefits of VR in terms of pain management and faster recovery. Consequently, mental health and motor rehabilitation therapies and many others have emerged. They are even used by health professionals for example, for focus patients on something other than pain.

The medical game SnowWorld has made it his specialty with the help of a world of snow accompanied by relaxing music for burn victims. Another app named Bravemind enables patients to cope with traumatic trauma. Of course, a therapist is present during this experience. It is especially through this type of procedure that victims of PTSD can be cured.

Crisis management training allowed during the VR experience

Virtual reality also helps in life saving preparation in specific situations. Indeed, several disasters and potential scenarios are staged and help users better prepare for any eventuality. Crisis situations and emergency response will not cause not so much stress to the speaker, who will have acquired experience.

So the application Hydra peut mimic crisis situations such as a kidnapping or terrorist attack in immersive simulation. The police will thus see their decision-making skills tested during these maneuvers. Multiple scenarios will therefore unfold and train users to react in the best way to dynamic situations.

Virtual reality is equipped with two big advantages of size. First of all, it represents an effective way to practice to develop skills without great expense. Unlike real simulations with the necessary equipment or models, this universe costs much less. Virtual recreation of scenarios is easier to achieve than in reality. Then, the digital scenarios prove the safety of the exercises. At a time towards others and towards oneself, VR is a more secure possibility. Whether it is health, safety or crisis management, virtual reality applications are not lacking in imagination to make life better and easier.


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