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While all eyes are on virtual reality headsets, some companies have decided to take the technology even further: 9D cinema devices hosting virtual reality.

It is to the Chinese company LongZe that we owe one of the first machines acting as a 9D cinema simulator of VR experiences.

The user just has to put on the helmet supplied with the cockpit and sit on the seat to enjoy the show.

To get an idea of ​​it, here is a video:

We can say that it is a mix between today's helmets and the attractions of Futuroscope park. Indeed, it is in these that the seats come alive to give dynamism and thus put the spectator at the heart of the scene.

It is the same principle for the 9D seat although it includes an interactive side from time to time, from its two joysticks, one in each hand.

It is indeed an experience to be done alone and without anyone with whom to share what has been lived at the same time.

A group experience

Another Chinese company known as Guangzhou Senchuang Digital Video Equipment Development is already a master in 3D 9D cinema simulator devices. It offers more devices for families as shown in the photos below.

The price to enjoy this cinema remains quite exorbitant, ranging from $ 6000 to $ 23800 (5500 to 21900 euros) for the LongZe device and from $ 10000 to $ 25000 (9200 to 23000 euros) for the Guangzhou Senchuang machine.

You might imagine, these devices are only intended for shopping malls, entertainment centers and parks because of their dimensions too large for a house to contain.

It will undoubtedly take decades before the first cinema simulator seats land in our homes.

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