Virtualis - the French therapeutic VR startup

Virtualis - the French therapeutic VR startup


Since our meeting at Laval Virtual 2015, Virtualis has evolved a lot. She equips today more than 450 structures in 24 different countries and more than 100 patients have already been treated with its solutions.

The startup has diversified its offer. It offers a complete functional rehabilitation solution, PhysioVR, This solution is based in particular on mirror therapy in VR for the care of victims of stroke, amputees or algodystrophy.

Different modules are offered for various parts of the body and specific disorders. In 2018, this software pack won the Rééduca Innov 'trophy.

The firm also offers an offer specifically adapted to balance disorders, Vertigo VR, also awarded in 2016 by the Rééduca Innov 'trophy. This solution, the result of 10 years of R&D, makes it possible in particular to remedy the problems of dizziness, motion sickness or scrolling syndrome. She also received the Kiné 3.0 innovation prize in 2017.

In 2020, Virtualis launched Motion VR : a dynamic posturography platform combining virtual reality and various cutting-edge technologies. This all-in-one device allows multiple applications, and helps to optimize space in a practice or a center thanks to its minimal footprint. Service and maintenance are also easy.

With the help of this equipment, it is possible to carry out complete assessments or even playful progressive rehabilitation exercises in VR. The device combines two force platforms with 4 sensors per foot, a distribution of the supports, 360 degree controlled and quantifiable movements, and various immersive virtual reality programs.

Virtual is one of the pioneers of an industry which has grown a lot in a few years. Today, there are many startups and companies in the field of VR in the service of health ...

Virtual reality is best known for its video game application, but some people use it to heal people. This is the case of Franck Assaban, CEO of Virtualis, a startup of 3 people, who has developed software for Oculus Rift that helps treat dizziness and balance disorders. he explains.

Virtualis - the French therapeutic VR startup

Reproduce what we know how to do

Thanks to the virtual reality headset, Franck and his team were therefore able to reproduce the effects of the equipment used until then by professionals. “He continues before adding“ j. Indeed, an optokinetic ball costs around 5 euros while Virtualis will be sold, headset included, for 000 euros.

A vocation to broaden the field of possibilities

In addition, the software makes it possible to include a lot of other applications by emphasizing phobias and in particular the fear of heights. Once again, Franck Assaban is very confident about the effectiveness of his product. “

Virtualis has succeeded in attracting more than 45 establishments, which currently use its solutions to treat the ailments of thousands of patients.

For now, Virtualis is in the beta test phase with several professionals. Nevertheless, it is a safe bet that the system will soon invade the offices of our specialist doctors.

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