Vive launches premium for businesses with its Focus

Vive launches premium for businesses with its Focus


Vive announced the release of the Vive Focus standalone headphone cone this November 8 in Europe. At the same time, the company is asserting itself with determination in the professional market.

It's time for the world release. 37 countries on the program including France after an outing in China last January. However, the focus presented by the company is definitely that of professionals. Particularly dissuasive prices for individuals but functions oriented towards the pros.

Vive launches premium for businesses with its Focus

A very high price for this Focus Premium intended for companies

This Vive Focus is not a helmet that will be offered to the general public on the main site. Of course, you can still acquire them with the pro portal, but it is the latter that are targeted. You just have to look at the price side to be convinced. We are indeed announcing a price of 699 euros including tax. If you want the Vive Advantage service, you will have to add 156 €! Much much better than an Oculus Go (€ 219) or a Lenovo Mirage Solo (€ 339).

Why such a price for this Focus? We are first talking about a headset with the Snapdragon VR835 and two 1440 x 1600 OLED screens in resolution. A refresh rate of 75 Hz, a field of view of 110, tracking on six axes (6Dof). However, it's mostly the features for the pros that are supposed to make the difference. Kiosk mode (one experience only), bundled setup for large-scale installation, data encryption, or remote content deployment. Vive Sync, a collaborative workspace is also one of the strengths.

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