Vive Sync welcomes a new feature that will make people happy


  • An update to facilitate exchanges
  • Other options available

An update to facilitate exchanges

Participants who do not use virtual reality will therefore be able to join virtual meetings. organized thanks to HTC. As frequently used software during the lockdown period, Vive Sync Beta evolves as needed. More than 1400 meetings were held there since its launch at the end of April, and these are about to transform.

Added in the update, the new functionality will allow meeting members toattend without using a virtual reality device. For exchanges to take place, it is by their voice that they can take part in the discussions. The screenshot and recordings on their PC remain available to them.

Adding a display panel at the meeting will allow to know the identity of the participants. The names of virtual reality users will be displayed there as well as those who will not use it. However, those who do not use it should be sure to have a compatible PC with this one. This update makes meetings accessible to everyone.

Other options available

HTC has been keen to offer its customers a new way to make the experience of this type of meeting more real. Thus, participants using virtual reality will be able to dress their avatar to reflect their person. New casual outfit options will be available: jeans, T-shirts, etc.

Access to meetings will now be faster thanks to two new features. First of all, charging time will be reduced to decrease the wait. Then, a network speed check will ensure that the computer used is configured to optimal performance.

Finally, the update offers a connection to the meeting via the desktop even from the employee. No need to memorize meeting IDs and passwords before getting started. Other additions can be found on the VIVE Sync site, which has definitely seen the big picture for its users.

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