Viveland - HTC opens VR arcade in Taiwan


  • Viveland, the HTC Vive amusement park
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In Asia, virtual reality is currently experiencing a boom. However, the mode of consumption is not the same as in France. In these countries, the purchase of a virtual reality headset is often unthinkable. VR enthusiasts must therefore rely on virtual reality rooms dedicated to this new technology. A phenomenon that is already a hit in China.

In order to take advantage of the success of these virtual reality arcades, HTC has just opened Viveland, its first VR arcade. Located in Taipei, capital of Taiwan, this arcade room is of course centered on the manufacturer's Vive helmet.

Viveland, the HTC Vive amusement park

Viveland opened last weekend. The place covers 330 square meters, on the third floor of Syntrend Creative Park in Taipei. It comes with many PCs equipped with AMD Radeon graphics cards, and SteelSeries wireless headphones. For now, visitors can try 20 different experiences for HTC Vive. We find in particular Fruit Ninja VR and the mountaineering simulator Everest VR.

This huge arcade is divided into four areas, each with a different theme. One area is dedicated to Front Defense, the FPS shooter developed by HTC and launched at the start of the year. Another is dedicated to Project CARS, the very popular car racing simulator. The third area is dedicated to The Walk, and the last to Bounty VR in 4D, a game consisting of killing aliens. Finally, a fifth area is devoted to mixed reality. It allows users to record their gaming experience against a green background for a video memory.

Prices for different experiences

In terms of price, HTC has communicated the prices in New Taiwan Dollars, and we offer you the equivalent in euros. A closed session of 30 minutes is priced at NT $ 400, or approximately € 11. A 15-minute open session is billed at NT $ 200, or € 5,50. A game of Front Defense is also priced at NT $ 200, or € 5,50. Part of the CARS Project costs NT $ 250, approximately € 7,20. The Walk costs a little less, and can be tested for NT $ 150, around € 4. The part of Bounty VR in 4D is priced at NT $ 200, or € 5,50. Finally, a 15-minute mixed reality session will cost you NT $ 300, or around € 8,50.

This is not the first initiative that HTC is taking in Asia. The firm also offers Vive in some hotels, and launched Vivepaper in partnership with a Chinese publication. It remains to be seen whether the Taiwanese also plans to inaugurate Vive arcades in Europe and the USA.

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