Viveport Arcade: The return of arcades thanks to the HTC Vive


  • Virtual reality rekindles the interest of arcades
  • HTC Vive in arcades to get closer to the public
  • What interest for HTC and its HTC Vive?

The HTC Virtual Reality Headset is the best virtual reality device yet. Even though the competition is fierce with its main competitor, the Oculus Rift, HTC's headset delivers the most compelling VR experiences. However, given the growing interest of the general public in this technology, difficult to position yourself as a leader in front of a target that has, at best, had the opportunity to try a VR headset at a trade show. She is considering opening hundreds of HTC Vive-stamped arcades within a year, much like CTRL V, the Canadian VR arcade. 

Virtual reality rekindles the interest of arcades

The democratization of video games in the home has made arcades, once so popular, dispensable. Today it is easy to own and use a video game console, regardless of our age and technical knowledge. No need to spend money at each session when convincing video game experiences await us at home. This is not the case with virtual reality. The HTC Vive, to name but one, requires an expensive computer with a powerful configuration. Difficult to install for everyone, it is also necessary to dedicate a large space to its use. The arcade room, which made it possible to play games that cannot be played at home, is therefore an ideal place to welcome virtual reality technology.

HTC Vive in arcades to get closer to the public

HTC seems to want to consolidate its position as a leader in virtual reality with the general public, despite its encouraging sales of over 140 units. In an interview with Taipei Times this weekend, the company said it plans to equip hundreds of arcades with its HTC Vive to promote its product, and the technology it is flagship.

The “Viveport Arcade” program will be initiated first in Taiwanese and Chinese cinemas, then in the United States before ending up in Europe. The dates are still unknown, but should depend on the success of these arcades dedicated to virtual reality. Ultimately, the HTC Vive could even end up equipping cafes and cinemas.

What interest for HTC and its HTC Vive?

Last week, HTC opened an arcade in Taiwan where customers can enjoy various VR experiences for a fee ranging from $ 5 to $ 13. The company had already partnered with Chinese cybercafés to showcase its virtual reality headset. The goal of the Viveport Arcade program seems clear: offer the general public longer and more complete virtual reality experiences, so as not to surprise anymore, but rather to retain users in virtual reality.

The objective is twofold here : the Taiwanese brand hopes that its HTC Vive will definitely become the benchmark virtual reality headset in the eyes of the general public. She wants VR to be automatically associated with her headset in the consumer's mind. The threat of PlayStation VR, cheaper, more oriented video games and which already has a potential target of 40 million PS4 players could be an additional reason for this ambitious project that is the Viveport Arcade program. A fair amount of HTC Vive arcades should have seen the light of day by the end of 2017.

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