Vivo AR Glasses: augmented reality glasses for 5G smartphones

Vivo AR Glasses: augmented reality glasses for 5G smartphones


As part of the Mobile World Conference, which took place in Shanghai from June 26 to July 2, 2019, Chinese smartphone maker Vivo unveiled a prototype of augmented reality glasses: Vivo AR Glasses.

The device is distinguished by light weight, and offers six degrees of freedom of movement. It connects to a smartphone via a cable, and will be compatible with iQoo 5G smartphone also unveiled by the brand during the event.

According to Vivo, these AR glasses will be useful for “gaming, work, facial recognition, object recognition and 5G cinema”. For now, we do not know the release date and the price of these augmented reality glasses for smartphones.

Au Chinese manufacturer's turn to enter the augmented reality market, after other companies like Microsoft with HoloLens, Google with its Glass or even Magic Leap with its ML1, nreal and Vuzix.

Vivo AR Glasses: a sign of hope for augmented reality?

Unfortunately, while Apple has just abandoned its augmented reality glasses project, the shadow of doubt hangs over this technology. Are AR glasses really useful? Are they responding to consumer demand, can they be successful? And above all, is the technology mature enough to give life to a successful product?

It seems that Apple is not convinced. However, Apple has a habit of offering the general public only perfected and completed products. His requirements are not the same as those of Vivo, and it is reassuring to see other manufacturers exploit this technology as it develops ...

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