VR Boxing - Top Best Virtual Reality Boxing Games


  • Creed: Rise to Glory, the most ambitious VR boxing game
  • Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, Floyd Mayweather's Boxe VR application
  • Knockout League, the most fun VR boxing game
  • Thrill of the Fight, the most realistic VR boxing game
  • BOXVR, a VR boxing game to play sports and lose weight
  • Boom Boxing, the cheapest VR boxing game

Virtual reality offers many possibilities. By equipping yourself with a VR headset, it is possible to experience crazy adventures in imaginary worlds, to travel to the end of the world, to handle firearms, but also to indulge in the arts and sports. There are already virtual reality simulators for most sports, but some disciplines are better suited to VR than others.

Thus, table tennis or virtual reality cycling have many followers, with games like or. This is also the case with boxing, which goes surprisingly well with VR. Indeed, thanks to motion detection controllers such as the Oculus Touch, the VR headset user can use his fists realistically with precision.

If the force of the blows and the sensation of impact cannot (not yet) be transcribed in the VR, typing speed and accuracy can be calculated accurately. It is therefore possible to train to box while having fun and burning calories. Discover without further delay the top of the best boxing games in virtual reality.

Creed: Rise to Glory, the most ambitious VR boxing game

Available on : ?

is the result of the partnership between the cinema giant MGM Interactive (Metro Goldwyn), and the American studio Survios to which we already owe some of the best VR games like and. Funded by MGM up to 50 million, this VR boxing game is by far the most ambitious to date.

The title will be officially presented at the Game Developer Conference 2018 in San Francisco, but many details have already been revealed. This is a game based on the film released in 2015. The title offers the player play Adonis Creed, the son of boxer Apollo Creed from the movies .

Directly coached by Rocky Balboa himself, the player must train to then face the greatest fighters in the world in the ring. The game features realistic movement mechanics, with plenty of punches, dodges, rolls, parries and more. The reactions to hits are also very realistic.

The title is based on new Phantom Melee Technology from Survios. This technology makes it possible to increase the realism of the impacts of blows thanks to a desynchronization of the controls when the player is stunned, and a virtual endurance system making it possible to transcribe the effects of fatigue when the player connects the blows too quickly. For now, we do not know on what date and on which platforms: will be available.

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, Floyd Mayweather's Boxe VR application

Available on: HTC Vive (2018)

We no longer present Floyd Mayweather, undefeated boxing champion for 20 years. For several years now, the elite athlete has capitalized on his fame by offering a mobile boxing training application. At CES 2018, the American announced a VR version of his Mayweather Boxing + Fitness app.

The app offers a 12-week training program, with a different set of exercises each week. The difficulty increases over time. User can train to hitting a virtual bag, improving endurance and developing coordination between the hands and the gaze through different games.

In addition, a second game mode allows you to train directly with Floyd Mayweather as a sparring partner. The latter teaches the user the basics of boxing and the simplest strokes, and then teaches more complex combinations. The opportunity to work on your cardio while improving.

Finally, the user can apply the knowledge learned through competitions against virtual opponents. Sequences of blows, dodges and parries allow train the upper body as well as the legs and cardio.

The controllers and the VR headset allow measure the speed and even the intensity of the punches user, as well as the number of calories burned. To avoid routine, it is possible to choose between different virtual environments: gym, beach, mountains… Finally, a world ranking system separates the players to create a competitive spirit.

Knockout League, the most fun VR boxing game

Price: € 27,99
Disponible sur : HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, PlayStation VR

Knockout League does not offer definitely not the most realistic simulation experience, but can claim to be the most fun VR boxing game. The experience is hilarious, and will appeal to children and adults alike.

- cartoonish graphics are however neat and detailed. The different characters are all more wacky than the next, and their respective little phrases will make you giggle.

Thrill of the Fight, the most realistic VR boxing game

Price: € 9,99
Available on: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift

Thrill of the Fight est un VR boxing game that focuses on realism, both graphically and in terms of playability. It is possible to train solo, to then engage in competitions.

However, interest in the title fades quite quickly after the thrill of discovery. The lifespan is therefore limited, but its price of only 9,99 € is very correct.

BOXVR, a VR boxing game to play sports and lose weight

Price: € 19,99
Available on: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality

Currently, most virtual reality boxing games are primarily fun. This is not the case with BOXVR, which offers a true fitness sport experience to play sports and lose weight.

The title includes training programs developed by real professional instructors. To the rhythm of the music of his choice, the user must box targets to accomplish the objectives and pass the different levels. Some users claim to have lost over 5 pounds while playing this game!

Boom Boxing, the cheapest VR boxing game

Price: € 0,99
Available on: Samsung Gear VR

In terms of graphics and gameplay, Boom Boxing cannot compete with titles like and. The playability is not as smooth, and some latency problems are to be deplored.

Cependant, le game remains fun and costs only 0,99 €. If you want to box in VR without spending any money, this is the game for you.

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