VR headsets: users want more social interactions

VR headsets: users want more social interactions


According to a survey of 4217 consumers by Greenlight Insights, 77% of VR users want more social interactions in VR. The most requested social activities are multiplayer video games, group movie viewing and video communication.

This demand from VR users may seem paradoxical: while virtual reality is a technology allowing isolation in a virtual world, users are looking for more conviviality. We can conclude that this insulating side of the VR is precisely perceived as a defect by a majority of people. Man once again proves that he remains above all a social animal.

VR headsets: only a third of users use them daily

VR headsets: users want more social interactions

Another interesting point highlighted by the study, only 28% of VR headset owners use them on a daily basis. 38% use them at least once a week, and 19% about once a month. Despite the high price of VR headsets, 8% use them about every six months, and 6% about once a year.

This phenomenon is explained by the complexity of current virtual reality headsets. Cable and controller management, installation, configuration and various settings take time and can deter the user from launching into a game out of the blue. This problem could be partially resolved with the imminent arrival of stand-alone headsets like the Oculus Go.

Anyway, the VR headset users remain confident for the future. 38% believe they will use their devices a lot more in the future, and 32% think they will use them a little more.

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