VR on the PS5: the English-speaking press unconvinced

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  • VR on the PS5: the same as on the PS4
  • No new features, but no bugs

While waiting for our own test, find out what the PS5 is worth for VR according to English-speaking journalists who have already taken charge of the Sony console.

In fact, one thing stands out straight away: the new machine is a real beast that can compete with the most powerful VR-ready PCs. It could even exceed them according to the UploardVR site. Despite everything, the general feeling tends towards disappointment: Sony seems to have nothing planned for virtual reality.

VR on the PS5: the same as on the PS4

All testers agree on the impressive improvement in graphics on classic games. Likewise, everyone seems to share the same opinion on VR games: there seems to be no have no difference between PS4 and PS5, despite the increased power of the latter.

For its part, the RoadtoVR site notes a speed gain while charging VR titles. This can be attributed to the higher performance SSD storage of the new console.

For the rest, the experience is almost identical. You will even have to use the controllers of your PS4 since those of the PS5 are not compatible for VR. This last point is particularly regrettable since the new DualSense have an impressive haptic system according to the first feedback.

As for the adapter for the PlayStation Camera, it is simply a classic USB connector. As a reminder, Sony will offer it for free.

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No new features, but no bugs

In any case, if the lack of new features on the PS5, for VR, is disappointing, we can be consoled by the fact that no major problem was spotted by the testers. So, all PSVR games seem to work great on the new console.

Ditto for the joysticks and controllers (DualShock, Aim and Move) which do not suffer from any loss of functionality.

So, are you still impatiently waiting for the PS5 to test your VR games? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments. Of course, we will offer you our own test soon.

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