VR presentation for the OnePlus 2!

VR presentation for the OnePlus 2!


Accessible to the greatest number

Company OnePlus, which at present has released only one (and very good) smartphone, has always been particularly good at its promotion and marketing operations. On the occasion of the release of its number 2, the firm is offering the largest numbers lhas the possibility to attend his Keynote live, from your living room and via a virtual reality headset! But don't panic for those who don't have a VR headset, OnePlus offers its own for free based on the Google Cardboard, and making it possible to transform any tactile object into a “virtual reality mask”.

How to do ?

To get your helmet for free, just go to the page OnePlus Cardboard and order them, only the shipping costs will remain your responsibility. Then you will need “build” it (it's almost as difficult as putting together a Kinder surprise toy), and you will be able to follow the keynote, quietly installed at home. The controls for the OnePlus2 should start a few hours after the end of the conference.VR presentation for the OnePlus 2!

The OnePlus 2?

The OnePlus was already a phone Premium (but much cheaper than its competitors), but the new model promises to be still "above". Equipped with a processor Improved Snapdragon 810, it will also be equipped with a fingerprint reader twice as efficient as Apple's! For the time being all other information is considered as “Unofficial”, for more answers you have to wait three weeks.

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