VR start-ups: 9 ideas to take advantage of the virtual reality phenomenon

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  • 5 VR startup ideas
  • Rent virtual reality headsets
  • Open a VR cinema or arcade
  • Sell ​​Cardboard helmets
  • Develop a VR community
  • Create content related to virtual reality
  • 4 areas of VR startups to develop
  • Real Estate
  • Health 
  • Training
  • Education

5 VR startup ideas

Rent virtual reality headsets

Today, virtual reality headsets are still very expensive. The Oculus Rift costs $ 600 excluding tax, and the HTC Vive costs $ 800. In addition, it is necessary to count the purchase of a powerful computer to be able to use them. Fact, virtual reality headsets are high-end devices inaccessible to most consumers.

Therefore, it may be interesting to start a rental business for virtual reality headsets and compatible computers. Such a startup can allow you to attract people who want to try out this new technology before investing in purchasing a headset.

Open a VR cinema or arcade

De many VR cinemas and other arcades dedicated to virtual reality are currently opening their doors around the world. Such a project requires a significant investment to rent premises and purchase equipment. Once this investment is made, you can create a 360-degree video cinema or an arcade room with VR headsets. Virtual reality content continues to proliferate, and such a business can be very lucrative.

Sell ​​Cardboard helmets

The Google Cardboard is one of the most popular virtual reality headsets, especially thanks to its very low price. However, this device has many flaws. It is not very comfortable, does not have a fastening system, and deteriorates quickly. In China, there are many companies offering improved Cardboard headsets, which are based on the same software platform but made of higher quality materials. With a low capital, it is possible to buy such Chinese helmets wholesale for retail reselling on Amazon or in a physical point of sale.

Develop a VR community

By organizing events, conferences, fairs and other social events related to virtual reality, it is possible to develop a community of VR fans. Thereafter it is possible to open access to these events to advertisers and manufacturers of products related to virtual reality for a fee.

Create content related to virtual reality

VR headset users are always on the lookout for interesting content. It is possible to create a YouTube channel or blog to test the latest technologies and products available, cover conferences, exhibitions or film releases. Once your audience is large enough, you can monetize your project and gain influence.

4 areas of VR startups to develop

Real Estate

Thanks to virtual reality, real estate agents can now offer their clients to visit properties without having to go there in the flesh. Thanks to VR headsets and stereoscopic 3D, it is possible to visit any house, any apartment, comfortably seated in an armchair.

Opportunities for developers : For developers, it makes a lot of sense to build apps that allow real estate agents to easily create VR versions of the properties they are looking to sell. The simplest applications allow everyone to view 360-degree photos and videos with a simple cardboard, while the more advanced offer possibilities for interactions but require high-end headsets like the HTC Vive.

Opportunities for real estate agents : It is possible to use Matterport software to create VR versions of your properties and add them to the application library. Some augmented reality applications like Re-flekt also allow you to visualize a property in 3D from a simple diagram.


Virtual reality can allow surgeons to practice, or see real-time images of a patient's anatomy in stereoscopic 3D. The fields of application are very numerous, and the VR health market could reach 3,8 billion dollars in 2020.

Opportunities for developers : A lot of research is being done to determine the potential of virtual reality in the healthcare sector. However, very little of this research leads to practical application. The developers can therefore seize the opportunity by creating educational software or innovative tele-presence devices. Software to help treat psychological disorders or trauma is also in great demand.

Opportunities for healthcare professionals : Simulators like ImmersiveTouch or Medical Realities can help physicians train and perform operations remotely using a VR headset. Likewise, the Virtually Better app helps people with anxiety by exposing them to their fear in a peaceful environment.



Virtual reality has been used successfully to train pilots and soldiers by preparing them for the stressful environments in which they must operate. Now that VR technologies are affordable, training techniques will be able to evolve in many industries, particularly for high-risk jobs.

Opportunities for developers : Training is necessary in all industries, and the immersion offered by virtual reality is always beneficial. Therefore, VR developers and startups can create training apps for any profession.

Opportunities for Professionals : Companies like Fundamental VR and Eon Reality offer many tailor-made virtual reality training and training solutions for multiple industries.


Virtual reality offers many perspectives for education. Rather than listening to a teacher recite their lesson, students can now experience the subject. We can imagine being able to relive a historical battle in virtual reality, examine a 3D model to understand human anatomy, or visit a distant planet, all from the seat of a classroom.

Opportunities for developers : Create educational applications relevant to the different subjects of the school curriculum represent an excellent vein to exploit and a good idea for VR startups.

Opportunities for teachers : By allowing your students to use virtual reality to learn, you can encourage them to take more interest in the school program. It is possible to use applications like Unimersiv, which offers a new educational experience every month, or AlchemyVR which offers a very wide content in virtual reality. This application is sponsored by Samsung, Google, Sony, and the Natural History Museum in London.

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