VR Strategy - Top Best Virtual Reality Strategy Games

VR Strategy - Top Best Virtual Reality Strategy Games


Defense Grid 2, the best tower defense VR strategy game on Oculus Rift

Available on Oculus Rift

Developed by Hidden Path, Defense Grid 2 is presented as a modern Tower Defense in virtual reality. Adapted from a game available on PC, the title proposes to defend a fortress against waves of enemies. The player visualizes his base in aerial view. At any time, it can also zoom in to any point for a detailed view. Another strong point of the game, a well-written story mode with well-dubbed dialogues. The animations are fluid and realistic, the game modes are numerous, as are the cards. Many hours of play ahead.

Final Approach, the best room scale VR strategy game

Available on HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift

The Final Approach VR strategy game takes full advantage of the Room Scale and controllers of the HTC VIVE and the Oculus Rift. Thus, this title is undoubtedly the most original of this ranking. The player has to manage an airport, using both hands to draw routes for planes and helicopters. The play space allocated to the room scale acts as a vast terrain populated by miniature beings, and gives the user the impression of being an omnipotent giant.

AirMech: Command, a mix between VR strategy and mecha game

VR Strategy - Top Best Virtual Reality Strategy Games

Available on Oculus Rift

AirMech: Command is presented as a traditional RTS, in which must deploy its units to conquer the enemy base. However, it is also possible to take control of a giant robot, in first person view, to clean up the opposing ranks. The user will have to intelligently choose where to deploy their powerful Mecha to turn the tide of battle. The two genres combine wonderfully to offer a dynamic experience, particularly full-bodied in multiplayer mode.

Darknet, the most minimalist VR strategy game

VR Strategy - Top Best Virtual Reality Strategy Games

Available on Oculus Rift and Gear VR

Darknet places the player at the heart of a hacked financial network. The objective is to destroy the enemy nodes that surround it. The graphics are admittedly minimalist, but the extremely strategic gameplay makes this game excellent for lovers of the genre. The user must manage his resources, plan his movements, and choose his targets skilfully to triumph over ever higher security and enrich himself illegally.

Tactera, the best real-time VR strategy game on Samsung Gear VR

Available on Gear VR and Oculus Rift

Created by the developer of Darknet, Tactera features the same minimalist graphic style. However, this time the player overlooks a game board representing a battlefield. The user controls tanks, helicopters and ICBMs. In campaign mode, the player controls his units like pieces on a chessboard and tries to eliminate his opponent. Artificial intelligence offers a challenge met, and the course of the game is influenced by mini battles whose outcome spreads the map. The Gear VR's lack of motion-tracking makes the game less suitable for mobile headsets than for the Oculus Rift.

Castle Must be Mine, the best Tower Defense on HTC VIVE

Available on HTC VIVE

In Castle Must be Mine, the space allocated by the player to the room scale acts as a game board. This board is covered by a map on which the player can place towers to defend his castle. We has a total of nine different cards and many monsters against which the player must defend his fort. When enemies are too numerous, it is possible to use VIVE's controllers to launch attacks against invaders.

Tabletop Simulator, a VR strategy game bringing together all the board games

Available on HTC VIVE

Let's not forget that board games are the basis of strategy games. Unfortunately, today it is difficult to bring together friends to play together. Tabletop Simulator solves the problem by offering the possibility of playing all your favorite board games on the internet. It is also possible to create your own games and play them with a maximum of nine people.

Lazerbait, a mix between VR strategy and space simulator

Available on HTC VIVE

This free title skillfully blends arcade, space simulator, and RTS. The player uses his controllers to direct his fleet of ships from planet to planet to conquer them by triumphing over their defenders. Once under control, each planet will create more ships for the user to conquer the universe. It is possible to play against a maximum of 7 opponents controlled by artificial intelligence. In end of the game, hundreds of ships battle it out on the game board for epic clashes.

Cosmic Trip, the sportiest VR strategy game

Available on HTC VIVE

In Cosmic Trip, the player is placed in the middle of a base in which he must build structures, collect resources, and transform them into cosmobots. During this time, he is attacked by waves of natives. If the cosmobots are unable to defend the base, the player will need to use VIVE's controllers as a shield and gun to protect it themselves.

Waddle Home, the most environmentally friendly VR strategy game

Available on HTC VIVE and PSVR

In Waddle Home, the player has to save penguins trapped on an iceberg floating on the sea. To do this, he must guide them over a net lined with traps and enemies, so that they reach a boat. The game has 40 levels, and the graphics are beautiful.

Korix, the best VR strategy game on PSVR

Available on PlayStation VR

Korix is ​​a game inspired by the RTS of the late 90s. game takes place in space, and the player must fight for his race to survive following the destruction of his planet. To do this, he will have to develop his defenses, collect resources, and mount an army to carry out his revenge. The game can be played alone or in multiplayer up to 4 players in co-op or versus.

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