VR Video - Top 8 Apps to Create VR Videos / Photos


  • Top 8 VR Photo / Video Maker Apps
    • Fulldive VR
    • Cardboard Camera
    • Video Stitch
    • Google Street View
    • 360cam
    • Panorama 360
    • Panorama 360
    • Splash

Top 8 VR Photo / Video Maker Apps

Fulldive VR

Cette application for Android allows the user to capture images with the camera of his smartphone, then transform them into VR video. The videos created are not quite 360 ​​degrees, but the rendering remains convincing when viewed through a VR headset.

Cardboard Camera

The application Cardboard Camera allows users to record 360 degree VR images and video. It is also possible to record 360-degree spatialized sound for an even more immersive experience.

Video Stitch

Ce software for Windows and macOS enables professional quality VR video output. The post production and take synchronization features are very efficient and intuitive. The software is able to automatically increase the stability of the images, and to calibrate the videos for viewing in virtual reality. If this software doesn't work properly, you can use Autopano Video, another great software for Windows and macOS.

Google Street View

Compatible with Android and iOS, Google Street View application allows 360-degree image capture. The images can be uploaded directly to the service, and can be viewed without using a VR headset or VR player video player. Google previously offered this feature through an independent application, called Photo Sphere. The integration with Google Street View is very relevant and comfortable.

Il just take pictures by following the on-screen instructions. Several rotations must be done to capture all the necessary photos, but the application then takes care of stitching the images automatically.


Besides post production, one of the main difficulties in creating VR video is to conceal the cameraman and his team. If you use an ordinary camera, you may indeed appear in the images. This is the reason why it is recommended to use Samsung Gear 360 camera and 360cam app. This affordable camera allows you to film around you without the need for additional equipment. You can contemplate the results for yourself by downloading the 360cam app.

Panorama 360

Very easy to use, this app allows using the iPhone camera to stitch photos together and create a 360 degree picture. Simple but effective. The design isn't as flashy as Photo Sphere's, but the app offers more sharing options and allows photos to be viewed in different formats. It is also faster. Unfortunately, only iOS users will be able to enjoy it, and will have to pay a price of 1,99 €.

Panorama 360

Not to be confused with 360 Panorama. This application is available for free on the Google Play Store. It allows the user to stitch images together in the form of 360 degree photos. It is possible to add filters, effects, and share or view these images using a Google Cardboard.


The Splash application allows you to create virtual reality videos. Its interface is intuitive, it is possible to share your videos on social networks, and to watch them with a Google Cardboard headset. However, the videos are far from perfect, since they are simple videos put together to create a 360 degree video. This app is a good start, however, before investing in a real 360-degree camera.

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