VRHero Plus, the headset with 5K resolution in very high density

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  • Reduce the few faults
  • VRHero Plus high-density OLED screens

You already know HD well. 4K, you've probably heard of it already thanks to the latest generation televisions or consoles. But the 5K? Unless you are an expert, chances are it doesn't ring a bell. Yet this is the bet made by the VRgineers company. Discover VRHero Plus, the second version of its revolutionary virtual reality headset.

Reduce the few faults

Last July, we already presented this new headset, called VRHero. Designed by the Czech company VRgineers, it tackled the current main flaw in virtual reality: the graphics quality. Many headsets do not yet offer a 100% immersive experience due to the definition and limitation of the field of view. With a definition in 5k and a field of view at 170 °, these defects must have been history.

But the result also had its limits. Ideal for 360 ° videos or in which the movement is limited, the result was however very blurry as soon as the image became a little too animated. In addition, visually, the helmet was not really successful. However, design plays an essential part in successfully convincing customers. The objective of the second version of the headset, dubbed “VRHero Plus” is to solve these problems.

VRHero Plus high-density OLED screens

So how did the company set about making these flaws disappear? explains Martin Holecko of the company VRgineers in an interview with our American colleagues from the online magazine specializing in virtual reality, “UploadVR”.

From a design point of view, the set has also been modified. The programmable buttons on the top of the helmet are gone and a new strap has been designed. This is supposed to be more comfortable and easier to install or remove. Details that could count even if the target market is not that of the general public for whom these parameters are of crucial importance. The company is still positioned in the market for automotive manufacturers, advanced training, aerospace and architecture.. So many professional sectors which have the means to invest quickly but above all need very high graphic quality.

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