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And it's at the price of 799 $ that the VUZE 360 ° camera is sold in pre-order, for a delivery that will be made in October 2016. Note that if you pre-order now, HumanEyes Technologies, creator of the 360 ​​° camera, offers you the equivalent of $ 120 of equipment as a gift, namely a tripod for the VUZE and a Homido virtual reality headset. Note all the same that the latter is not really a quality helmet and offers a rather poor rendering. But these sides remain free and this little gift, which must be used with a smartphone, will allow you to taste VR and to test the videos or photos made with the VUZE. The helmet can be pre-ordered in 4 different colors, yellow, red, blue and finally black.

In addition to these two gifts, will be added two software to manage the camera, VUZE app and VUZE studio. The first allows control the camera with a smartphone and the second from generate the 360 ​​° dimension, edit photos and videos and quickly share them.

If the price may seem quite steep, it should be understood that for the quality of the camera, this price is quite low and implies a competitive offer not to be taken lightly. Indeed, the VUZE is a camera containing 8 sensors at 180 °, offering a 4k rendering at 30 fps, which for $ 799 remains more than honest. For information, the VUZE camera weighs 250 grams, which is quite high for a camera of this type and measures 120x120x30 mm, which again is quite large.

In any case, if your goal is to acquire a 360 ° camera, you should greatly like it and should be taken into account in your comparisons, in which you can also integrate the Gear 360 or the 360 ​​° camera from GoPro, the Omni.

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