WalkinVR to Make Steam VR More Disabled Accessible on PC VR

WalkinVR to Make Steam VR More Disabled Accessible on PC VR


Steam announces the release of WalkinVR software which will improve accessibility to VR for users with motor disabilities. Highly customizable, this solution will respond to different situations.

Officially, WalkinVR will land on Steam June 29 next. Thanks to this feature, a person having difficulty moving can be helped by a third party to move around in the virtual environment. For example, a user in a wheelchair may ask a loved one to adjust their positioning for them using an Xbox controller. For more independence, we can also associate the movement options with the buttons of the controllers. In this way, the user will only have to use the controllers to simulate any physical movement that he cannot do with his body.

WalkinVR to make VR truly accessible to as many people as possible

However, WalkinVR can do a lot more, especially if you can only use a controller in a limited way. In this case, the software automatically adjusts small movements of controllers into larger-scale actions when transcribing them into the VR world. At the same time, slow movements in reality will also be interpreted as faster movements in virtual reality.

You can get a better idea of ​​this software in the following video:

Another very cool feature of WalkinVR is the ability toassociate with a Kinect. The accessory will allow the movement of the user's hands to be followed in order to transcribe them in VR into the movements of the controllers. In fact, this is intended for people who cannot fully use a controller or hold it in their hand.

As we are talking about Steam VR, the software is only compatible with headsets PC Quest VR on the eye (the eye Link). WalkinVR will be available on June 29 on Steam. In 2016, the Swiss MindMaze raised $ 100 million to make the internet more accessible to disabled people.

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