What will virtual reality change

What will virtual reality change


What virtual reality will change in real estate 

It is not yet marketed, which already companies see in the oculus rift enormous potential. Explorimmo is one of them. The real estate sales site has in particular imagined 3D tours with Dassault. The site has developed an innovative experience using virtual reality. The experience will allow, among other things, to visit an apartment without going to the scene. The user can then choose the color of his walls or the covering of his floors. This innovation could still allow property buyers to immerse themselves in their future apartment. Professionals in the sector still have to be won over, because for many of them, the quality of the final rendering is not yet there. Explain Herve Loreau, innovation director at Explorimmo.

Virtual reality mixes with health

The medicine of the future will no longer be able to do without virtual reality: treatment of phobias, simulations of surgical operations, intended for the medical corp, assistance robot, therapies, are all potential applications of virtual reality in health, in unison with the medical profession which recognizes its benefits.

Explain Stephane Bouchard researcher at the center of cyber psychology in Canada, to AFP. These technologies would allow, according to the Professor Mühlberger of the Faculty of Regensburg to make disappear arachnophobia in children (pathological fear of spiders). What will virtual reality change

Increase the entertainment offer

Virtual reality is also entering the entertainment industry. Whether you like travel, discovery, or the cinema, the possibilities offered by immersion in 3D has not all been explored, many little wonders leave one dreaming of. Gear VR is one of them. This headset developed by Samsung is a virtual reality headset for “smartphones”. In the line of the oculus, the VR Gear  use a sophisticated lens system and stimulate an extra-large view by a zooming system on the smartphone screen, which the helmet owner slides into the visor. The device incorporates a small dial that adjusts the image so that it is as suitable for the eyes as possible. It is equipped with a lateral numeric keypad that allows you to interact with the software. This helmet is also intended to be very intuitive to operate because the interface is fully controlled with vision and manual controls.What will virtual reality change

Augmented reality and motion detection

It is not possible to finish this small panorama without mentioning motion detection, another application of virtual reality. How to define motion detection? It consists of following the movements of users. The is one of the technologies with the highest development potential according to Ben Woods, research director at CSS insights.

It is impossible to talk about motion detection without talking about Leap Motion. Leap Motion is an American company, born in 2008. In 2013, Leap Motion released sound Motion Controler, a gesture recognition tool. It allows you to control a mac or a PC remotely, by gesture recognition. The brand participated with several other developers from 40 countries in development of 3D Jam scheduled for release on September 28th.What will virtual reality change

according to Ben Woods, research director atinstitute CSS insights, the future of virtual reality is no longer just in gaming but in all its other applications, as the mixed success of the Kinect and Playstation move. further explains the analyst of CSS insights.

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