Which connection for an optimal virtual reality experience?

Which connection for an optimal virtual reality experience?


Technology is invading our homes and is constantly developing. Until some time ago no one knew about virtual reality. Today many benefit from it armed with their VR headset. His promise? Immerse yourself in a real or imaginary universe and give yourself the feeling of being there. But to take advantage of this new technology and all it has to offer, you still have to have the right internet connection.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality - or VR - is a technological system that allows users to immerse themselves in a whole new environment, directly from their home. Equipped with his virtual reality headset, the user discovers the world in which he is immersed thanks to his hearing and his vision. At least, until recently. The more technology is democratized and expands, the more the possibilities of these develop. Today, some devices allow you to feel things more intensely by appealing to the touch and smell of the user. Thanks to the immersion possibilities that virtual reality offers, it has won over video game enthusiasts but also the cultural, professional and educational world.

Why do you need a good internet connection for virtual reality?

Virtual reality, to be effective, must be able to immerse you in a world bordering on reality. The user, to have an optimal experience must have the feeling of being really present in the simulated environment. Succeeding in causing this in an individual requires enormous work and optimal technology. The data of this immersion stored virtually will therefore be very heavy. For a successful experience, it must be fluid and go without a hitch. To achieve this, the user therefore needs an internet connection powerful enough to support this data reading.

Which connection for an optimal virtual reality experience?

How to find the ideal internet connection?

The faster your internet connection, the more enjoyable your virtual reality experience will be. Rest assured, you won't have to go through all the internet provider sites to find the best connection on the market. Today, it is very easy to know which operator offers the best internet speed at home. There are specialized sites to test your eligibility for fiber or ADSL. Just fill in your mailing address or phone number and the eligibility tester does the rest for you.

Once the test has been carried out, several scenarios may arise:

  • You are already equipped with fiber, in these cases you will have to check which operator offers the best speed in your home.
  • You are eligible for fiber but your operator does not offer it to you. Here you can find out about the operators who can install it for you.
  • You are not eligible for fiber and must keep an ADSL contract. Here again, it will be necessary to determine which access provider guarantees the best connection.
  • You are not eligible for any of these offers. You live in a white or gray area and will need to find a satellite operator to benefit from an internet connection.

In fact, fiber is not yet developed throughout France. However, it is better to have a very good ADSL connection than a bad fiber connection.

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