Will it be possible to make romantic encounters in VR?


  • Meet and find love in virtual reality

The term "social" awakens in us certain other notions: having a discussion, being part of a group, meeting with friends, meeting people for the first time. New technologies, virtual and augmented reality in particular, are likely to modify the way we conceive and experience our social relationships. In any case, this is a question that developers and other players in the VR market are looking into. It is for them to offer users of virtual reality headsets new communication channels.

Meet and find love in virtual reality

Dating and the way people fall in love are also likely to benefit from the benefits of virtual reality. eHarmony, a successful California-based dating site seems to be convinced of this. According to the company, VR dating is expected to become a norm by 2040. To establish this prediction, she starts from a simple observation. Instead of texting each other, instantaneous as they are, and trying to find a way to meet by having to line up on two schedules, people could meet in a virtual reality space.. The benefits would be twofold: A considerable saving of time, but above all a simple practice which could protect us from unpleasant surprises.

What do social interactions in virtual reality look like today? According to the developers of the vTime app, they have nothing to envy to those we have in real life. vTime is a service that allows mobile VR users to meet in virtual rooms. Instead of being confronted with the real appearance of your interlocutors, you will be in the presence of avatars that they will have created beforehand. The choice of the term "part" does not do justice to the real possibilities of this technology. You can meet at the top of a mountain, surrounded by golden eagles or even on a relaxing tropical beach.

Instead of making a simple phone call or using Skype, you can find yourself in the same environment as your contacts. Of course, this will never replace meeting your friends at your favorite cafe, but this solution offers a good alternative when it is difficult to get everyone together in one place. So you can find your friends again saving time, energy and money. Some find, rightly or wrongly, drawbacks to this technology. First, the fact that real social interactions are necessary for our well-being and mental health. The second is the absence of elements related to NLP (neurolinguistic programming). In other words, the gestures, the facial expressions, the look are neither realistic nor natural. However, it should be noted that companies like Veeso are already working on technologies capable of making your avatars more realistic.

As part of romantic encounters, you could therefore meet your interlocutors virtually, in complete safety, in a dedicated space. We imagine a café, a restaurant, a park, or any other place suitable for romanticism that will come out of the minds of developers. You might as well feel their personality before you venture out to meet strangers. Some companies have already sensed the opportunities associated with online dating and are already offering their services. However, no attractive solution exists to date, and most attempts end with experiences that are more horrifying than romantic.

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