Windows Mixed Reality - List of games and applications available on Microsoft's VR platform


  • Windows Mixed Reality: list of available games
    • Arizona Sunshine
    • Superhot VR
    • Fantastic Contraption
    • Skyworld
    • Space Pirate Trainer
    • FORM
    • Ghostbusters VR – Now Hiring Episode 1
    • Halo : Recruit
    • Heroes of the Seven Seas
    • Dreadhalls
    • Stunt Kite Masters
    • Invoker
    • Land of Dinosaurs VR
    • Racket : Nx
    • Tee time golf
    • BingoClass
    • HeadSquare
    • Dark Legion
    • HeadButt Factory
    • Hypercade
  • Windows Mixed Reality: list of available applications
    • vTime
    • Pixvana 360 Video Player
    • Ryot
    • Littlestar VR Cinema
    • Inception VR
    • NextVR
    • theBlu: Season 1
    • MoveStudio
    • The Rose And I
    • Movies & TV
    • YouKu VR Pro

Since October 17, 2017, the Windows Mixed Reality platform is finally available. The first compatible headsets, manufactured by Acer, Dell, HP, Asus, Lenovo and Samsung are also available or will be launched in the coming weeks. Discover the complete list of games and applications compatible with the platform. All of these apps are available on the Windows Store.

Windows Mixed Reality: list of available games

Arizona Sunshine

Price: € 39,99

We no longer present Arizona Sunshine, one of the best virtual reality games today. Already available on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PSVR, this FPS developed by Vertigo Games offers players to face hordes of zombies in campaign or survival mode. Up to four players can cooperate to take down these hungry undead.

Superhot VR

Price: € 24,99

Superhot VR is also one of the best VR games. In this atypical FPS already available on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PSVR, time only unfolds when the player is moving. The result is a clever mix of thought and extremely pleasant action.

Fantastic Contraption

Price: € 19,99

In this puzzle game with colorful graphics, the player must create different machines to solve various puzzles. A game for young and old that will put your brains to the test.


Price: € 39,99

This turn-based strategy game in virtual reality offers several players to compete against each other. Developing an army and managing an economy to build an empire, these are the challenges that await you in Skyworld.

Space Pirate Trainer

Price: € 14,99

Space Pirate Trainer is a minimalist yet devilishly effective game. Equipped with two weapons, the player must shoot down more and more drones. The goal is to survive as long as possible.


Price: € 14,99

This surreal virtual reality puzzle game takes you on a thrilling adventure.

Ghostbusters VR – Now Hiring Episode 1

Price: € 6,99

So far available only on PSVR, this little game takes place in the universe of the Ghostbuster saga. The player can visit the Ghostbusters Firehouse, and there are many ghosts waiting for him.

Halo : Recruit

Price: Free

Expected as a big Windows Mixed Reality exclusive, Halo: Recruit disappoints. Certainly, Microsoft had warned that it would not be a real port of the Halo franchise in virtual reality, but the result is really poor. The player just shoots targets that appear on… a flat screen. We have seen better applications of the possibilities offered by VR…

Heroes of the Seven Seas

Price: € 6,99

In this game, the player takes on the role of a 16th century pirate in search of a legendary artifact. The title combines naval battles and a first-person shooter.


Price: € 9,99

Dreadhalls is a virtual reality horror game. The player must find the exit of a terrifying dungeon.

Stunt Kite Masters

Price: € 9,99

This virtual reality Kite Surf simulator will delight thrill seekers. Many game modes are available.


Price: € 14,99

InVokeR is a wizarding duel game. Compete against other players online using powerful spells in this colorfully designed title.

Land of Dinosaurs VR

Price: € 2,99

This fun application invites you to go back in time to observe dinosaurs in virtual reality. This first chapter invites you to discover the Tyranosaur as well as another dinosaur which will make its surprise appearance.

Racket : Nx

Price: € 19,99

This title takes the principle of the classic brick breaker game by masterfully adapting it to virtual reality. Players must take turns throwing the ball to break bricks on the wall.

Tee time golf

Price: € 14,99

This virtual reality golf game offers you to compete against other players online for dantesque competitions.


Price: Free

BingoClass is a virtual reality educational application intended for teachers who wish to practice their profession in an innovative way. The teacher can teach his lessons in different whimsical environments.


Price: € 4,99

In this multiplayer game, the user has to use their head as a controller.

Dark Legion

Price: € 16,99

Dark Legion is a first-person shooter set in a futuristic sci-fi universe.

HeadButt Factory

Price: € 19,99

Use your head to hit balls in different dreamlike environments.


Price: € 4,99

Hypercade brings together 4 great arcade classics to rediscover in VR. Notice to the nostalgic!

Windows Mixed Reality: list of available applications


Price: Free

vTime is one of the leading virtual reality social networks. Chat, meet and share content with strangers in a virtual reality environment.

Pixvana 360 Video Player

Price: Free

Pixvana is Windows Mixed Reality's 360-degree video player.

Price: Free

This platform aggregates many eSports videos in virtual reality.


Price: Free

The Ryot platform brings together many 360-degree documentaries.

Littlestar VR Cinema

Price: Free

This platform brings together many 360-degree videos of all kinds.

Inception VR

Price: Free

Discover many artistic 360 degree videos on this platform.


Price: Free

Watch sports in 360 degrees thanks to this platform.

theBlu: Season 1

Price: Free

Visit the seabed in this fascinating virtual reality app.


Price: Free

Witness surreal dance performances in this VR app.

The Rose And I

Price: Free

This animated virtual reality film will leave you feeling blissful.

Movies & TV

Price: Free

Watch movies and TV on a giant screen within VR with this app.

YouKu VR Pro

Price: Free

Discover many 360-degree videos from Asia on this platform.

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