"With me", the very strange application that allows you to take a selfie with a dead person


When a loved one dies, some people find that they do not have photos with the deceased. Others find it particularly difficult to mourn and would like to continue to share moments with the missing person. It is based on this concept that the engineers of the South Korean start-up, "Elrois", have developed. the "With me" application allowing you to keep memories with the deceased person at any time.

"With me", to take selfies with a missing person

The "With me" application is based on augmented reality. It allows you to add a representation, in the form of an avatar of a deceased person, to a selfie or a photo. It is easily possible to adapt the size of the avatar of the deceased person or its orientation in order to fit perfectly with the snapshot as if the person were present. It is also possible to him to adopt certain positions or gestures such as for example raising the thumb on the picture or greeting with the hand. The avatar being digitized in 3D, the field of possibilities is enormous.

But the application, still under development, goes even further by allowing the user tohave a very simple conversation with the avatar of the deceased person. The South Korean company believes this is a great way to keep the memory of a loved one alive. However, this application requires the condition, which is not negligible, that the person has been scanned in 3D during his lifetime in order to be able to function. An application reminiscent of "Holo" which allows you to take selfies with holograms.

"With me" raises big ethical questions

The "With me" application leaves no one indifferent. Some say it is a brilliant invention that will help many people keep precious memories of a deceased being. and continue to live, a little, moments with this person. However, many see “With me” as particularly creepy and raising significant ethical questions.

Many questions are asked about whether or not “With me” allows people to grieve. Others believe that it is false memories created from scratch and which can affect the work of mourning. Many believe that it is very embarrassing to ask a dying or elderly person to have a 3D scanner so that he can take selfies after his death. The question of respect for the dead is also raised. Finally, a large number of people believe that making false memories with a dead person is quite weird and creepy.

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