With Soundself: At Technodelic enjoy the effects of LSD without taking any

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  • Soundself: A Technodelic subject of a medical study

This current period of imposed confinement is beginning to weigh on the morale and the mind of many people. So as not to sink into madness or get carried away by despair, virtual reality offers experiences that allow you to escape. From video games to cultural visits or essential tourist sites, these solutions allow you to escape outside the walls of the room that has not been left for almost two months. Except that sometimes that is not enough. Why not then try to get into meditation?

With Soundself: A Technodelic, the studio Andromeda Entertainment offers a new approach to meditation. So, instead of being guided by an external entity, the experience focuses on your voice to create images, visual forms. It is therefore enough to sing or hum to see patterns appear and what can be interpreted as his "inner self". Added to this are sounds that come to harmonize with the whole to bring towards a kind of psychedelic trance.

Soundself: A Technodelic subject of a medical study

Robin Arnott, CEO and founder of Andromeda Entertainment does not hesitate to call Soundself: A technodelic a video game. Yet, he explains that in addition to being a powerful tool, it also has a curative effect. According to him, the world needs to slow down and do some soul-searching. He then thinks that there is no reason why the video game cannot fulfill this role. All of this in order to slow the increase in the level of anxiety in Western societies.

To demonstrate that Soundself: A Technodelic meets this need, the application made the subject of a medical study. Led by scientists from the American NeuroMeditation Institute, founded by Dr. Jeff Tarrant, a psychologist for more than 20 years, it has given positive results. Although conducted on a very small number of only six participants, the analysis concludes that the VR experience is able to reproduce the hallucinogenic effects of certain drugs. This has a direct effect on the mood which seems to improve. The big advantage here is that there is precisely no need to ingest its substances which are often dangerous for the body and in particular the brain. Find all the details of the study (in English) at this address.

Soundself: A Technodelic is now available on Steam for 24,95 euros. The perfect time to see the effect of LSD without taking LSD.

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