Wrench: a virtual reality car preparation simulator

Wrench: a virtual reality car preparation simulator


Alec Moody presents an original profile. It is both an automobile enthusiast, and a recognized 3D artist. In recent years, he has notably contributed as an artist to the creation of successful games such as (2015), (2008), or (2012).

Now the man has decided to combine his two passions by creating his own virtual reality car preparation simulator :. The title will allow the player to get their hands dirty to prepare cars for his clientele made up of professional racing drivers.

The goal of the game will be to meet the requirements of customers to retain them, to prepare vehicles for them in time for their races, or even their recommend modifications based on their driving style. You can also build and modify your own vehicles, improve the store's reputation and recruit mechanics to take care of more customers.

Wrench: the VR game that will delight car enthusiasts

Faced with the beauty of 3D models, the talent and experience of Alec Moody are obvious. Each piece has a impressive level of detail thanks to a very efficient photogrammetry technique. Virtual reality makes it possible to fully appreciate the visual quality of the experience, thanks to the possibility of approaching the rooms as close as possible to one's gaze.

In fact, the level of detail is so high that today's virtual reality headsets cannot display the game in maximum definition. However, the developer explains that it will be possible to increase the graphics settings of the game. on the next generations of VR headsets.

Wrench sera disponible sur Steam en Early Access in the fall of 2018. The title will be compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. It will be possible to manipulate auto parts using motion-sensing controllers, or use a keyboard and mouse.

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