YouRescue: a VR device that initiates, in 5 min, the gestures that save


  • YouRescue: virtual reality first aid training
  • YouRescue system can save lives

Cardiac arrest is a vital emergency that requires very rapid treatment. Beyond 5 min, if nothing is done, the person will suffer from significant brain damage and, after 6 minutes, certain death. As well, YouRescue offers to easily train people to acquire life-saving skills and considerably increase the chances of survival before rescue intervention..

YouRescue: virtual reality first aid training

In sudden cardiac arrest, the heart stops pumping blood. The victim loses consciousness and collapses. A few minutes is usually too short a time for emergency services to respond. A cardiac massage can considerably increase the chances of survival, it is still necessary to know these gestures and to be trained.. The use of an automatic defibrillator, more and more present in places open to the public, again requires minimal training.

This is what YouRescue offers, a virtual reality device that allows rescuers to be immersed in such a situation and teach them, very easily, the actions that save people in the face of cardiac arrest.. The virtual reality device, developed by the Lyon company, Wanadev, immerses the user in a scene where a person is the victim of cardiac arrest. The user must learn how to perform cardiac massage on a mannequin and discover the chronology of the actions to be performed. The presence of a trainer is a plus during this virtual reality training. This can answer more advanced questions and help refine the technical gestures of cardiac massage.

YouRescue system can save lives

According to doctors, cardiac arrest can strike anytime and anyone. In France, 50.000 people die prematurely for this reason each year. The survival rate is extremely low if there is no immediate treatment. According to statistics given by the French health agency, 4 in 5 people who survived cardiac arrest were rescued by a bystander who performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Specialists also stress the importance of using a defibrillator. This medical device, which will send an electric shock to the victim, allows the heart's electrical network to be reformatted. According to cardiologists, an electric shock administered with a defibrillator within 3 minutes of cardiac arrest increases the victim's chance of survival by 75%. Easy-to-use automatic defibrillators are now appearing more and more in businesses and public places. It is also necessary that the first aiders are familiar with its use. This is where the YouRescue device comes in. You can request such training by following the link here.

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