Zenith: discover the first video of the MMO VR inspired by Beat Saber


  • Zenith: a very promising VR RPG MMO

A few days ago, we announced the upcoming launch of Zenith: a virtual reality MMO whose gameplay is inspired by the famous Beat Saber game. However, no gameplay video had been released so far.

It is now done. The developers have just shared a first excerpt on the Reddit forum, in order to allow us to discover the combat system.

We discover a player equipped with two weapons similar to lightsabers as in Beat Saber. In drawing lines that appear over enemies, the player can perform combos. The fights therefore promise to be particularly intense and captivating.

By performing gestures with his right hand, the user performs basic attacks that he must perform at the right time. With his left hand, he can activate special abilities.

Zenith: a very promising VR RPG MMO

The developer specifies that this is a capture from a prototype, and that many mechanics presented in this excerpt will have to change. Nevertheless, this combat system looks very interesting and the graphics are also quite impressive. The weather changes we see at the start of the clip are very successful.

The creator of the game also gives some additional details about his project. According to him, Zenith is a VR MMO RPG inspired by Japanese anime and taking place in a futuristic fantasy world. Previously, the studio had worked in conjunction with Oculus to develop the multiplayer FPS Conjure Strike for Steam and Oculus.

As a reminder, Zenith will be launched on Rift, Vive, Index, PSVR and Quest. However, the release date has not yet been determined. If you would like to contribute to the game's development through playtest, you can register on the developer's Discord at this address.

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