zSpace, virtual reality at school

zSpace, virtual reality at school


Ubiquitous virtual reality

The meteoric rise of virtual reality offers perspectives in many areas. This technology promises to revolutionize the world of entertainment by offering video games of a new genre. On the side of seventh Art, we work hard to offer unique experiences to moviegoers. Virtual reality experiences are also increasing in hospitals and therapeutic centers and the results are promising. Moreover, neither engineers, nor the athletes, nor the tour operators are not left out, with the emergence of software and devices aimed at introducing virtual reality into every corner of our lives. And the economic potential of the virtual reality market (380 million euros by 2018 according to MarketsandMarkets) is certainly no stranger to all these inventions.

zSpace, virtual reality at school


In Sunnyvale, Calif., A company understood that the future was in virtual reality. It has already filed more than thirty patents for its innovative technologies and has won numerous awards and distinctions. Its flagship product, zSpace is an interactive system allowing the user to dive into virtual reality to visualize things, create others, manipulate them and break them down. With this tool, the firm hopes transforming the education sector and the business world.


zSpace consists of a screen, glasses and a stylus. Thehigh definition screen displays stereoscopic images and has sensors that recognize the user's viewing angle and head movements. Glasses are nothing like traditional virtual reality headsets, like the Google Cardboard or the Oculus Rift. The metal frame is light and thin, guaranteeing a natural experience for the user. As to stylet, equipped with three buttons and infrared LEDs, it easy to handle and allowsinteract with the virtual universe.

zSpace, virtual reality at school

Learn differently

Thanks to zSpace, the user can raise a virtual object, turn it over, look inside and discover the different elements that make it up. These features could have very positive repercussions in the world of education.

Indeed, students come into direct contact with the subject they are studying. Biology or physics become very concrete subjects, where every body can be seen from every angle. The students are more interested by what they study, they will at their own pace and can, if they wish, take a lesson in their mother tongue or in a foreign language.

zSpace, virtual reality at school

Thanks to virtual reality, teachers can perform experiments that would be impractical in a classroom, because they would be dangerous, expensive, complicated or too long.

A valuable tool for future doctors

zSpace also seeks to make life easier for medical students. These can manipulate organs or cross sections or dissect a heart or lung. Applications are already making it possible tostudying anatomy and D'perform surgical procedures. Thanks to partnerships with Cyber-Anatomy, EchoPixel and NGRAIN, the quality and reliability of the applications are irreproachable.

zSpace, virtual reality at school

Transform the business world

zSpace also allows you to introduce more interactivity in oral presentations, training modules or even design project evaluations. The system promises toincrease productivity users through the visualization of virtual reality projects. zSpace could creep into the manufacture of aerospace or military equipment, in the construction of means of transport and in the design of industrial products. In addition, thanks to zView, the experience can be shared with a large audience.


The multiple perspectives of zSpace make it an intriguing object whose evolution will have to be followed. It is especially in the world of education that this technology could have resounding repercussions, for example by offering a new chance for early school leavers. Where traditional education has failed, virtual reality may be the solution ...

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