ARKit - Top Best iOS AR Apps Made With Apple's Augmented Reality Framework

ARKit - Top Best iOS AR Apps Made With Apple's Augmented Reality Framework


The ARKit Framework aims to help developers create augmented reality and mixed reality experiences for iPhone and iPad. For several months now, Tim Cook has not hidden his enthusiasm for augmented reality. According to him, AR could be the most important technological revolution for the general public from the smartphone. By discovering the applications created using the ARKit, we better understand his fascination with this new technology.

ARKit: a Falcon 9 lands in a swimming pool

Developed by Thomas Garcia, this video created with ARKit and Unity shows a Falcon 9 landing in a swimming pool. The result is stunning, and really gives the impression that the orbital vehicle is present in reality. The videographer is even able to turn around this virtual three-dimensional object.

ARKit: measure objects with a virtual ruler in augmented reality

Thanks to augmented reality, our smartphones will soon make rulers, meters and other measurement tools obsolete. With ARKit, it is possible to measure objects with a virtual ruler, as demonstrated in this video developed by Iaanlabs.

ARKit: how to draw in augmented reality

Created by Laan Labs, the video Drawing in 3d with ARKit demonstrates how the Apple Framework allows you to draw in 3D in augmented reality, just like Tilt Brush allows you to draw in VR. The result is very pleasant and interesting, although this functionality is not necessarily useful.

ARKit: attend a moon landing in your kitchen

Until we can get to the moon with ease, you can attend a moon landing in your kitchen thanks to augmented reality, as demonstrated by this application created with ARKit by Tomas Garcia.

ARKit: visit Van Gogh's room in augmented reality

I utilized ARKit, Mark Dawson managed to create a virtual copy of Van Gogh's bedroom. In his video, the developer invites us to visit this room. The level of detail shown in this demo is simply amazing. The furniture, the paintings on the walls are impressively real, and the movement tracking is completely infallible.

ARKit: play Space Invaders in the real world

Thanks to augmented reality, it is now possible to play the famous arcade video game Space Invaders in the real world. This demo created with ARKit testifies to this. With his smartphone, the user can hunt aliens around him.

ARKit: visit a property in augmented reality

With ARKit, Econsor Mobile offers us to visit a virtual house in its entirety thanks to augmented reality. This demonstration suggests that the framework could be used for construction projects, by implementing a virtual reproduction of the building directly on the construction site. The possibilities offered seem simply revolutionary.

ARKit: Play Minecraft in the Real World

Using the Apple Framework, Matthew Hallberg managed to recreate the game Minecraft in augmented reality in his apartment. Thus, it is possible to play in the real world through the screen of an iPhone.

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