Fnac launches its virtual cinema room with FnacPLAY VR


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FnacPLAY VR: home cinema?

The idea of ​​FnacPLAY VR is therefore to recreate the atmosphere of a movie theater when you watch a film with a mobile virtual reality headset.. According to the press release, the modeling of the room and the sound environment were particularly worked to recreate an atmosphere as close as possible to a screening room. It remains to be seen whether chewing noises, live commentary from specialists and surreptitious cell phone ringtones will be included automatically. Or just optional?

This is in any case a variation in the use of virtual reality applied to cinema. While waiting to discover the next productions specifically shot in VR.

An offer to equip yourself with VR

The launch of the FnacPLAY service is accompanied by a special promotional offer. It consists of a Homido V2 virtual reality headset and 5 films. The films to be chosen from the FnacPLAY catalog are definitive purchase.

Apart from the helmet offered, the service is accessible from all headsets for Android and iOS smartphones (version 6 and above). The application is free to download on GooglePlay and the AppStore. For Samsung Gear VR owners, it is also available on Oculus Home.

Virtual reality and cinema

The idea of ​​watching a film in a virtual reality situation has already developed in a few dedicated rooms. We can therefore consider two types of VR immersion related to cinema. The first is to view content produced at 360 ° and offering a specific visual experience in relation to the content. The other moves the experience from the room to your living room. It remains to be seen the possible developments of this second experience. In other virtual environments, for example in connection with the content.

and possibility for several VR viewers to watch a film together, each on their own, equipped with a headset and a dedicated application. Finally, go see the latest Star Wars with your buddy from Sydney. Or your cousin from Barcelona, ​​and share this experience from a distance.


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