Microsoft will reward 5 projects around the HoloLens headset!

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Inward a motive

To become the number 1 pair of glasses in augmented reality, Microsoft needs designers / developers able to offer solutions and innovate. This is why the firm has decided to launch a great competition, during which several teams of researchers will present their creations, which will all be based around the.

This tournament is only accessible to American researchers working in non-profit institutions or research centers, as well as those of universities awarding recognized diplomas. They will have to go to the research site brand, then register before September 5th. Five teams will then be selected (the results will be communicated in October), and each of them will receive the sum of 100 000 $ plus two pairs of HoloLens glasses, in order to make their project truly successful.

A technology to improve

The holographic computing used by HoloLens glasses was designed to improve communication, information and especially quotidien users. With these holograms, it will be possible to learn differently, but also to create and share. Display via these holographic projections, all information what we need (as in the Sidekick project) would make a decision faster for example.

For now, Microsoft admits that it does not yet imagine precisely what its intelligent and autonomous helmet is capable, but the brand intends to use ideas presented during the tournament. The latter, revolving around interactive teaching, communication or even data visualization, interested parties can still afford some suggestions.


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