Synth Riders plays the fitness card to the full with its new update


  • VR physical exercise to keep fit and morale

A new update available for free for Synth Riders adds fitness features to the game. Indeed, thanks to the integration of a tracker, physical activity monitoring is now done directly in session. No more looking at your watch or phone after a game to see how many calories have been burned. This monitor gives access to the heart rate, counts the number of flexions performed and records the progress with a simple movement of the wrist.

In this period of confinement, Synth Riders developers want to bring people togetherat least in the virtual world. Thus, the different participants (up to 10) in multiplayer games can now see their avatars in the game preparation rooms. In addition, Kluge Interactive invites everyone to join the live coaching session organized on Sunday as part of the “Synth Sundays”. Two professional coaches who are broadcasting their workout schedule on Twitch will be giving their in-game class. It will begin Sunday, April 5 at 22 p.m. KST, and repeat every Sunday.

VR physical exercise to keep fit and morale

Creative Director Abraham Aguero Benzecri said: “We are delighted to be working with YUR on a solution that can help players stay active in these uncertain times. Especially when traditional solutions are no longer available. We are convinced that “Synth Sundays” are a great way to connect players through training sessions. Multiplayer VR experiences are one of the only ways to connect people right now ”.

As a reminder, Synth Riders is a rhythm game in VR. It combines dance and fitness exercises, enough to keep fit and morale. 33 songs are available, as is the possibility of adding new ones. The multiplayer mode is cross-platform. Moreover, the game is available for PC VR headsets, as well as on Oculus Quest.

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