Oculus rift: the list of compatible games

In the jungle of information relating toOculus fr, this year's event, we have sorted it out for you on the panorama of developments in video games.

Let's take stock and after the revolution and the buzz of the release and the first tests carried out by the privileged few of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, we will answer the question that interests you all, impatient little ones, what are the compatible games of the helmet Oculus fr ?

It is the Vierio Perception 3d driver that announces the color on a first wave of compatible video games

Les voici: Portal 2, The Elder Scrolls 5, Unreal Tournament 3, Dear Esther, Left 4 Dead, half life2, Colin Mac Rea DIRT2

Zoom on the best rated on the reference sites:

  • Left 4 dead, with its playability and completely barred atmosphere will allow you to make the most of the helmet's potential Oculus Rift.
  • Half-Life 2, an ultra immersive atmosphere to make your hair stand on end, rich gameplay to go with it.
  • The essential Portal 2, a gameplay just brilliant, A mind-boggling design, a breathtaking storyline and characters out of nowhere.
  • The ultra aesthetic Unreal Tournament 3, with very successful combats, very well chosen for its graphic completeness and the potential of helmet rendering
  • Colin Mc Rae, a soundtrack and immersive driving sensations at will
  • Dear Esther, Unidentified Video Object, but whose atypical atmosphere has been retained.

These alliances are not trivial, either the games have graphics and aesthetics to spare, or they are ultra successful in terms of Gameplay and storyline. What is essential for optimal compatibility with the helmet Oculus Rift 

Get ready and start playing it without L'oculus to be able to make the comparison when you have tried the headphones, we are counting on you to give us a maximum of info and your first impressions.

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