Vive Cosmos: HTC announces new design and price below $ 900

Vive Cosmos: HTC announces new design and price below $ 900


Announced at CES 2019, the HTC Vive Cosmos is a new VR headset expected for the third quarter of 2019. While the device is still draped in mystery, the manufacturer unveils today a new updated design compared to the non-functional version presented in January 2019.

On Vive's official Facebook page, HTC has just posted a video in which the Cosmos codename ”D1230165” is mentioned. However, thehe device that we see is very different from that of CES.


First of all, the facade now has six cameras instead of four : one up, the second down. This should make it possible to extend the tracking field. Indeed, one of the novelties of the Cosmos compared to previous Vive helmets concerns the tracking system.

Just like the Oculus Quest or the Oculus Rift S, Vive Cosmos is based on inside-out tracking. This means that the tracking does not rely on external sensors, but directly on the cameras located on the front. These will be responsible for following the movements of the controllers in order to transcribe them into the VR.

With six cameras instead of four, larger movements can be followed. Controller tracking can continue when located under the helmet or above. We also note that the facade is now perforated, and removable.

According to HTC, this front panel is a "mod" by default which will be delivered with the Comos. We can therefore deduce that it will be possible to opt for different modules offering more functionalities.

Vive Cosmos: HTC promises a price lower than 900 dollars

Apart from these modifications to the design, all the characteristics of the Vive Cosmos are still unknown. The definition, the weight, the field of view, the specifics of the tracking system or even the price remain unknown. HTC promises, however, to finally reveal all the secrets of its new jewel next week ...

In parallel, the YouTube channel MRTV claimed to know from reliable sources that the Vive Cosmos will be sold for 900 dollars. However, HTC replied that this price was "incorrect and high". We can therefore expect a lower price than that of the HTC Vive Pro offered in Europe for 879 euros ...

In its video, still according to the same source, MRTV also announces a launch date for Vive Cosmos for the month of August 2019. HTC Vive has not commented on this second point, and it is therefore possible that this launch date will be officially confirmed next week ...

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