All about the Vuze 360 ​​° camera

All about the Vuze 360 ​​° camera


The 360 ​​° camera market is booming. Some studios have created their own devices for filming, large groups like Facebook or Google even offer models for free to professionals. But the home market is also developing, among the first to target this clientele, HumanEyes offers the Vuze camera, a financially accessible and qualitative device.

The future of personal video is 360 °. Technical innovations for making and sharing amateur creations continue to develop, and virtual reality has steered this trend. This is also one of the reasons why Mark Zuckerberg bought Palmer Luckey's company, the essential Oculus. Currently, the problem is the dominance of professional equipment in the 360-degree camera market. Since the majority of Internet users are not ready to invest 10 euros in quasi-industrial equipment, 000D video is unlikely to take off.

The Vuze camera, maneuverability and strength

Since the last CES in Las Vegas, more affordable devices are starting to hit the market, like the Rico Theta S, the Samsung Gear 360 or the Apple Insta 360 Nano. Another challenger in the field is the Vuze from HumanEyes. She offers a pre-purchase camera for $ 799. The price is certainly still quite high, but it is within the reach of particular purses. The company offers a fairly technologically advanced machine with a simple, elegant and rather solid design, an essential characteristic for such cameras often intended for filming in extreme situations.

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From a technical point of view, videos are recorded in the H.264 codec. The resolution displays 4K, and at 30 frames per second, the sound uses the AAC codec. The Vuze has a recording rate of 120 Mbps VBR. As for the optics, the camera has eight Full HD lenses with a 180 x 120 degree field of view (FOV). The spherical FOV is 360 x180 degrees. The device has an SD card space, an IEEE 802.11b / g / n 2.4 GHZ Wi-Fi system. For sound recording, the Vuze has four microphones. The colorful looking camera is available in four different colors: yellow, red, black and blue. In the box of the device, the buyer will find a USB cable, an adaptable charger, a small handle and a case to store the camera.

Turnkey production and assembly

In addition to high definition, HumanEyes also offers a rather interesting pack. The camera is first delivered with a Homido virtual reality headset. But not only that, Vuze also offers a tripod to maintain stability when shooting video. The latter is foldable and can therefore be used as a handle to carry the camera. The user therefore simply has to buy the camera and install the stitching software which recomposes the spherical effect. It is proposed to be operational. Vuze has also created applications for iOS and Android in order to be able to control it remotely with a smartphone.. The Vuze Studio program also comes with it and is compatible on Mac and PC. It allows you to quickly import videos to computer. But not only that, it also offers the possibility to add sound, 3D effects and text. Buying a Vuze camera therefore amounts to acquiring everything you need to make 360 ​​° amateur films.

All about the Vuze 360 ​​° camera

It is also interesting to examine the company that designed this device, HumanEyes. Founded in 2000, the company has been creating animated 15D content for 3 years, but also works on lenticular printing solutions. This consists of using printed markers to be scanned with a mobile device to make a 3D model or animation appear on the screen. They are therefore not newcomers in the field, the list of their partners confirms it: Kodak, HP, Fuji Film, etc. However, the company has embarked on a new field, related to their core business, but new nonetheless. Their first attempt seems to have hit the mark. It remains to be seen whether the capabilities of this camera meet the user's needs. The answer will come in August when the first pre-purchases arrive.

The question of price

Here are some 360-degree cameras available at most e-commerce stores selling electronics. This panel is not representative of the entire market, but gives a good idea of ​​where the Vuze camera stands in the price scale.

Vuze: 720,00 €

Giroptic 360 cam : 499,00 €

Kodak SP360 4K: € 499,00

Ricoh Theta S : 399,00 €

Samsung Gear 360 : 349,00 €

Kodak Pixpro SP360 : 300,00 €

Ricoh Theta : 299,00 €

Monster Vision 360 : 298,00 €

Bubblescope 360 Optical : 42,00 €

Just look at this list to see that the Vuze camera is still very expensive compared to the competition. It is of course necessary to take into account the tripod and the editing program which has a certain value, but the buyer can easily be put off by a device of an unknown brand which costs more than double that of a famous brand like Samsung. But the number of cameras incorporated in the Vuze, the quality will necessarily be higher. But the brand must be able to convince that its product is worth its price, and with only the description at hand, it is a little difficult to seduce the general public.

The Vuze camera undoubtedly has great potential. The incorporation of a Vuze Studio license, the application allowing it to be manipulated from a distance, the fairly handy stand and the Homido headphones make it an attractive purchase. The ease of uploading and editing as well as the possibility of adding sound, 3D effects and titles also give it superiority in the editing side.. The coming months will see the birth of updates to social networks facilitating more and more the sharing of 360 ° videos, sales and use of devices like the Vuze will therefore multiply. This is when the limits and superiorities of the camera will truly show..


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