ANTVR: Competition from China!

Have you fallen asleep on your laurels with the achievements of the Oculus Rift? A very beautiful mistake. Indeed, virtual reality arouses competition for many companies. Facebook's takeover of OculusVR will certainly improve the final project, but the other headsets will one day hit the market. This is the case with Sony, which has developed its own PS4 compatible headset, the Project Morphéus. And that's not all ! What if the competition comes from China? Here is the ANVR, a new virtual reality headset that could well dethrone the blockbusters of the moment!

In the middle of a fundraising campaign on the Kickstarter site, the ANTVR already has $ 167 on the counter for a goal of $ 281. In addition, he still has 200 days of campaign left! There is no denying it, this new device arouses curiosity and thrills players!

So why could this helmet come straight from China compete with the big ones of the moment? Here's what's under the hood of the ANTVR:

  • A 6 ″ diagonal screen
  • A definition of 1920 x 1080 pixels, i.e. 4: 3 vision for each eye
  • A pair of lens preventing image distortion
  • A 100 ° field of vision
  • Two sensors on 9 axes of movement

The ANTVR headset embeds a wired controller. This is where we can see innovation! Indeed, this controller can thus be used as a “gun” in FPS, but also as an “e-mote” in Fruit Ninja type games, or even as a controller. Similar to the Transformers, this handy controller will certainly have a point in the hearts of users.

Finally, not to end on a disappointing note, know that the mass production of this helmet is scheduled for August for an estimated marketing and delivery in September. Providing a PC, PS4, Xbox One and Android port, the ANTVR has resources in terms of technical promise!

Let's talk about price… We always keep the best for last, here it is! The ANVR will be offered at a price between $ 270 and $ 470 (approximately between € 200 and € 342). This price difference is explained depending on the version of the helmet. Indeed, users will be able to choose between a wired version and an integrated battery version.

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