Bizarre Barber: one of the craziest VR games ever

Bizarre Barber: one of the craziest VR games ever


In Bizarre Barber, you find yourself in the shoes of an alien hairdresser who must cut hair to save lives. Set in a post-apocalyptic universe, the adventure takes you to the ruins of an old metro line. With a pair of scissors in hand, you have to come to the aid of your clients and rid them of their radioactive hair.

Except that in Bizarre Barber, the customers are not nicely installed in armchairs waiting for your scissors. It would be too simple. Instead, they move freely and randomly, their chaotic movements matched only by their eccentricity. The goal is therefore to achieve perfect cuts. It is necessary in passing avoid obstacles and collect bonuses and upgrades. All this saves money in order to buy more efficient tools and travel to other places in this ravaged world. In short, this game is not easy.

Bizarre Barber: the post-apocalyptic hairstyle for everyone

However, its developer Synesthetic Echo created an accessible, intuitive and fluid game. No need to press any buttons or wield joysticks, only hand movements count. Aimed at players of all ages, Bizarre Barber works both the brain and the heart. It therefore takes advantage of VR and its 6 axes of movement to create a particularly fun experience. The studio also specifies that there is no motion sickness effect. So even those who are new to virtual reality, or even dread, can give it a try.

The game consists of 13 levels that last from 2 to 3 minutes. Knowing that before mastering them and unlocking the next level, you have to redo them several times. In all, the developers plan a lifespan of more than 2 hours, if we want to achieve the best scores. The entire adventure spans 7 worlds and contains several clashes against bosses.

If you've always dreamed of take you for Jean Louis David or Edward in the hands of money, This game is made for you !

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