DK2 Here it is delivered… !!

Hello everybody

What a joy today, the snowflakes, the big man dressed in red, the hood, the queens, the tree, the gift is delivered ... Uh .. It's not December 25, what happens so..??

Today is the delivery of the DK2. No need to draw you a picture, it's the holy grail for us Riftiens that we are ...

Here and there you will see testers and developers opening the box in video… I would (unfortunately) not give you this joy since, to my great regret, I myself am still waiting…

We can still make an inventory and see the first reactions of our friends.

First of all, the delivery itself is by UPS so no delay at this level. The plastic packaging that served as a storage case for the DK1 has been abandoned in favor of a well-organized cardboard packaging that could still serve as a storage case for the more careful of us .. !!

The accessories are all present without exception, both A / B / C lens pairs and European, English and American sockets.

Now the helmet! That positive impact: light, manoeuvrable, aesthetically much more advanced than the DK1 and ergonomically much better thought out. Indeed, the cables which remain of a reasonable length (around 2.5 meters for the worried) are now attached to the strap towards the back of the skull. This will greatly facilitate our life compared to the DK1 where the cable came out on the side.

Apart from that, several new features too, and not the least, the disappearance of the Black box which was used to adjust the DK1 and the appearance of a connection system via the headset for recognition accessories. All this in order to avoid the accumulation of electric wires between the person and his PC.

Now just have to try or wait… Like me! ( I'm crying..!!)

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