Half-Life Alyx: YouTuber Climbs Citadel in SteamVR Home

Half-Life Alyx: YouTuber Climbs Citadel in SteamVR Home


A few days after announcing that the Half-Life: Alyx game setting would be available in the SteamVR Home application, a YouTuber had the good idea to explore the surroundings a bit. He finished his walk on the roof (or what should be) of the Citadel, an iconic place if there is one of the famous shooting game license. Indeed, this gigantic building stands in the middle of the City 17 where most of the Half-Life 2 episode takes place. This repression headquarters is also the scene of one of the best moments in video games.

A few days ago, Valve released a number of Half-Life: Alyx game environments for owners of the Index headset. The opportunity to discover a little more about this long-awaited game, but also to explore part of this famous City 17 and its imposing Citadel in advance. This is what YouTuber 3kliksphilip was quick to do. And, as a symbol, he immediately tackled the ascent of the giant tower in virtual reality.

Attention, the following video can potentially reveal passages of the game. Don't watch it if you don't want to spoil your experience.

Half-Life Citadel: Alyx is a virtual reality wonder

The YouTuber navigates the game's settings, advancing meter after meter, thanks to an impractical method proposed by SteamVR Home. This allows him to get to corners far from the action where texture resolution is lower, or sometimes nonexistent. This in order to gain performance and use less PC resources. The Citadel, for its part, full of details and impresses with the quality of its construction.

The climbing session ends with the climber climbing so high that the Citadel itself is no longer displayed and disappears in the clouds. The mystery is therefore not completely cleared up.

Anyway, we can't wait to be able to visit (maybe) the Citadel in Half-Life: Alyx as of March 23.

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