New Spectacles glasses with AR by the end of the year


  • New Shows with AR: codenamed Newport

According to a report, Snapchat will unveil a new version of its Spectacles glasses before the end of the year. On the program, there would in particular be augmented reality features.

We must recognize in Snapchat, a certain stubbornness. The company has not abandoned the concept of its connected glasses despite a first model at the reception for the least limited to the general public.

New Shows with AR: codenamed Newport

This is a timely report for Snapchat which has just lost its vice-president in charge of content, it should give hope and confidence to shareholders. This new Spectacles model presented by Snapchat therefore bears the code name Newport. On the program, equipment that has two small cameras and which will give the wearer the possibility of creating content in augmented reality. On the program, in particular photos with a "3D Like" effect for the content that will be captured with the glasses.

The glasses would be entirely made of aluminum, however, customers may be reluctant to face the price announced for these glasses. It would indeed take 350 dollars. A big leap forward since the current model sells for around $ 200. Difficult to be sure that potential customers will be ready to pay such a sum. Above all, Snapchat has already unveiled models Veronica and Nico only a few months ago.. So there will be a little traffic jam. The difference is that this time the Spectacles glasses offer a few options in augmented reality. It remains to be seen whether the difference will really be worth the investment ...

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