Pokémon GO - Save your candy for the second generation


  • Your candy will serve you for the next generation of Pokémon GO
    • Kapoera
    • Hyporoi
    • Porygon 2
    • Tarpaud
    • Cizayox
    • Roigada
    • Steelix
    • Noctali and Mental
    • Joliflor
    • Leuphoria
    • Nostenfer

The second generation of Pokémon should soon arrive in the Pokémon GO app and should revive the excitement around the game of Niantic. After an update bringing many interesting additions, but insufficient to relaunch the Pokémon GO phenomenon, the arrival of a hundred new monsters is eagerly awaited by the players. The nostalgic effect that early Pokémon players felt with the appearance of the first 151 monsters should continue with the arrival of the creatures implemented by the Silver and Gold versions.

Your candy will serve you for the next generation of Pokémon GO

Some of these new Pokémon are new evolutions of the Pokémon of the first generation. So remember to review your Pokédex before using your candies to strengthen your monsters, because they could be very useful afterwards.. To help you with this transition, here is the list of the 12 evolutions for which you will be able to use your hard-earned candy in Pokémon GO:


Kaopera, Fighting-type Pokémon, is the evolution of Debugant. It's 237th in the Pokédex, and it will likely require the candies you get from Tygnon and Kicklee.


Hyporoi, Water / Dragon type Pokémon, is the 230th Pokémon in the Pokédex. He is the evolution of Hypocean and is very similar to him physically. So keep your Hypotrempe candies to be able to get it quickly.

Porygon 2

Porygon 2, as the name suggests is the natural evolution of Porygon. It sits in 233rd place in the Pokédex and will most likely require around fifty Porygon candies.


Tarpaud is a Water-type Pokémon and occupies the 186th place in the Pokédex. In the original version, you had to do some manipulation to get it. Despite its green color, it belongs to the Ptitard family. We therefore recommend that you put your Ptitard candies aside in order to obtain this Pokémon.


Insect / Steel type, Cizayox is the evolution of Insécateur and is adorned for this occasion with a red dress. Occupying the 212th place in the Pokédex, put your Insecorator candies aside to evolve it quickly.


Roigada occupies the 199th place in the Pokédex and is the evolution of Flagadoss. Those who have seen the second film are familiar with this Pokémon, because it occupies an important place in it. Less silly than its previous form, carefully keep your Ramoloss candies to get this monster.


Steelix sits in 208th place in the Pokédex and is a Steel / Ground type. Very similar to its previous form, Onyx, you will surely need to use around fifty candies to get this Pokémon.

Noctali and Mental

Noctali is a Dark Pokémon that occupies the 197th place in the Pokédex and Mentali is a Psychic Pokémon that occupies the 196th place. They constitute two new forms of evolution of Eevee, of which most Pokémon GO trainers have succeeded in obtaining the evolutions Pyroli, Aquali and Voltali. All you have to do is capture the many Eevee you will come across to quickly obtain these two new creatures.


Joliflor is the alternate evolution of Ortide in the original version of Pokémon Gold and Silver. Occupying the 182nd position of the Pokédex. So put aside your Mystherbe candy to get this Plant Pokémon.


Leuphoria is the evolution of Leveinard and sits at the 242nd place of the Pokédex from the second generation. Reserve your Leveinard candies (even if they are difficult to obtain), assistant to nurse Joëlle in the series to make it evolve.


Nostenfer is the evolution of Nosferalto and occupies the 169th position of the Pokédex. To get this Pokémon, you may have to get back to catching Nosferapti, even if it is unbearable and many players have ignored it for a while.

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