Pokémon Go: top changes and news expected for 2020

Pokémon Go: top changes and news expected for 2020


Year 2019 has been particularly rich for Pokémon Go. Between the addition of the fifth generation Pokémon, the arrival of Team GO Rocket and the many events organized by Niantic, players have been particularly spoiled.

The latter have also responded to the call in the face of all these novelties. Thus, augmented reality mobile gaming recently passed the $ 2016 billion mark generated since its launch in XNUMX. Now, the time has come to turn. to the novelties expected for 2020...

La Battle League

In October 2019, Niantic announced the upcoming introduction of the Battle League: a new PvP mode for Pokémon Go. This will allow players to compete in three different leagues: Super, Ultra and Master. Each of these leagues will have their own rules and restrictions.

This is a major breakthrough for mobile gaming, as PVP has so far been limited to local clashes. From now on, players will be able to fight online to try to prove their supremacy. Knowing that trainer fights are at the heart of the Pokémon universe, this is a particularly expected novelty ...

New generations of Pokémon

With the launch of Pokémon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch, the Pokémon saga is already in its eighth generation of pocket monsters. However, in Pokémon Go, the fifth generation is still being rolled out.

In 2020 it is probable that the bestiary of Unys is finally completed. Also, it can be hoped that the sixth generation will be introduced by the end of the year. With a little luck, Niantic could even speed things up to catch up on the saga ...

Integration with Pokémon games

With Pokémon Let's Go, it was possible to transfer captured monsters to PoGo on the game for Switch. In 2020, it is possible that this functionality will extend to other games in the saga, starting with the Sword and Shield versions.

This would allow players to transfer their Pokémon captured in the mobile game to the Switch game in order to train them or even trade them. By being optimistic, we can hope fights between mobile players and Switch players. However, it will be necessary to wait until the Pokémon of the Galar region are integrated into PoGo ...

An overhaul of the arena system

Pokémon Go: top changes and news expected for 2020

Identical since 2016, the arena system took a hell of a beating. Hopefully Niantic will update it in 2020 with new mechanics and features.

For example, thematic arenas could appear from time to time to allow players to meet iconic champions like Pierre and Ondine. This system would also force trainers to modify their monster teams according to the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents ...

An improvement in augmented reality

With the new version of Google ARCore, Android smartphones can now support occlusion on augmented reality applications like Pokémon Go. Virtual creatures are therefore more realistically integrated into the real environment.

All of this improvements could continue in 2020, with new updates to the Google ARCore and Apple ARKit frameworks. In the same vein, it is possible that Pokémon Go will be launched on first-generation mobile augmented reality glasses such as the Nreal Light ...

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