[Test] Homido V2: Homido's new virtual reality headset

[Test] Homido V2: Homido's new virtual reality headset


[Test] Homido V2: Homido's new virtual reality headset

Homido is a French company that has succeeded in creating a sensation in the virtual reality market. Indeed, it already offered last year a virtual reality headset of very good quality, better than all existing cardboards and which can hope to compete with the market leaders, the Samsung Gear VR and the Zeiss VR One. Thanks to crowdfunding, the Homido project has materialized to the delight of virtual reality enthusiasts.

An elegant design, high user comfort and a neat interface made the success of the first Homido headset. However, she accused certain flaws that did not allow her to claim the upper echelons of the mobile virtual reality sector.. In this year 2016, the manufacturer returns with the Homido V2, a version which corrects the faults of its predecessor.

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Unboxing of the Homido V2

The packaging of your Homido V2 is presented as the standard of the brand's universe. The colors used will allow you to easily spot it in the shelves, because they consist of a variation of shades of black and red. The brand's graphic charter is respected. You will find a lot of information on the box: a stylized visual of the helmet, technical information, dedicated applications, etc. We found the packaging somewhat overloaded. The Homido helmet being renowned for its aesthetics, the choice of a more sober packaging could have confirmed this idea.

[Test] Homido V2: Homido's new virtual reality headset
When you open the box, you will find yourself in front of a single element, the protective case for your Homido V2 helmet. The latter is reminiscent of the one offered with the Microsoft Hololens. We welcome this idea because it allows you to easily store, protect and transport your virtual reality headset wherever you want. Here we are already in the presence of a differentiating factor, because most mobile headsets, however expensive they are, do not come with a protective case. The impression of being faced with a powerful and valuable product is reinforced.

[Test] Homido V2: Homido's new virtual reality headsetA Homido VR headset ready to use

The real packaging is therefore this rigid and sober protective cover. Only the Homido logo appears on the front. By opening it, you can finally get your hands on your Homido V2. The latter, firmly held inside is accompanied by a replacement foam, straps to free your hands (these are already mounted), a cleaning wipe and a user guide in English. As you will have understood, your virtual reality headset will be immediately ready for use without the need for any special assembly. In summary, here is what you will find in the box of your new helmet:

- The Homido V2 helmet
- A protective case to take it everywhere
- Straps already installed on the device
- An additional protective foam
- A cleaning wipe
- A quick user guide
[Test] Homido V2: Homido's new virtual reality headset

Design and Ergonomics of the Homido V2

What strikes us, at first, when we lay our eyes on the Homido V2 is that it is much more elegant than the old model. Indeed, the front face, supposed to conceal and protect your smartphone is no longer in matt plastic, but is made from a translucent plastic. This novelty gives the helmet a futuristic character and gives us the impression of being in the presence of a better quality article. In addition, the manufacturer has also decided to ignore one of its emblematic colors: red. This new iteration is black, with a few touches of white. This new design leaves no doubt that we are dealing with a more sophisticated version of the Homido helmet.

[Test] Homido V2: Homido's new virtual reality headset
Two new knobs and a trigger have also appeared. The upper dial will allow you, as with the Samsung Gear VR, to configure the lenses (which offer a 100 ° field of vision) so that they adapt to your eyesight. Even if it is still possible to wear glasses inside this Homido V2, you can do without them and use this feature for increased comfort. The lower dial, for its part, is intended to adjust the distance between the two lenses. The vision setting has been revised upwards and will suit all eyes. Finally, on the right corner of your helmet, a trigger will allow you to navigate and interact with your virtual reality helmet and the interfaces that accompany it.

[Test] Homido V2: Homido's new virtual reality headsetComfortable foam

The foam that will coat your face is surprisingly comfortable. As the ventilation system has also been improved, it is much more comfortable than most helmets available on the market. You can therefore enjoy your Homido V2 by spacing out your breaks more. In addition, the reception area of ​​your smartphone has also been improved so that it can accommodate more devices. Modular hooks will allow you to adapt the receptacle to your model of smartphone. The latter will be so good now that it will be out of the question that it accidentally falls off your helmet. We are therefore dealing with a helmet with a more sophisticated aesthetic, increased comfort and supposedly improved functionality.

[Test] Homido V2: Homido's new virtual reality headset7.jpg">

Features: how to use Homido V2

With this new version, Homido has increased the functionality of its virtual reality headset. Indeed, the Homido V2 climbs to the top of the basket of mobile virtual reality headsets by offering you the possibility of browsing on your phone without having to remove your helmet. A small tactile button located above the lenses takes care of it. The clamps whose primary function is to hold your phone in place are hollowed out, so that they avoid compressing your phone.

You can therefore select and navigate through the different content that you want to view by simply pressing the trigger located on the right corner of your Homido V2. The magnetic cover will allow you to hide your smartphone behind the elegant and futuristic translucent front.

[Test] Homido V2: Homido's new virtual reality headset

[Test] Homido V2: Homido's new virtual reality headset

Two applications: video games and videos

Two applications are available to accompany your Homido V2 headset: Homido Player and Homido Center. The first claims to serve you as a 360 video player. The few videos in HD, which we had downloaded beforehand, did not appear. We were only entitled to a black screen and sound from the video, despite the various settings we manipulated. We therefore recommend that you turn to other applications to play your VR video content.

[Test] Homido V2: Homido's new virtual reality headset
The second, Homido Center is undoubtedly more successful. It gives you access to a large number of photos, videos and games in virtual reality. Note, however, that the application only redirects you to the store if it is a game or to YouTube if it is a video. It is therefore not a catalog but an exhaustive directory of virtual reality content. The image quality will not depend on your headphones whose lenses are of good quality, but on the resolution of the selected content.

[Test] Homido V2: Homido's new virtual reality headset[Test] Homido V2: Homido's new virtual reality headset[Test] Homido V2: Homido's new virtual reality headset

The Homido V2 helmet against the competition

Like any new version, its main competitor is itself. Many new features have been made to this model, and there is no doubt that it outperforms the first Homido helmet. Among these novelties, the new design and elements related to user comfort such as foam, lens adjustment or smartphone support are real successes. The improvements affecting the functionalities are well thought out and push the Homido V2 up in the ranking of mobile virtual reality headsets.

[Test] Homido V2: Homido's new virtual reality headset[Test] Homido V2: Homido's new virtual reality headset

Compared to other virtual reality headsets, the Homido V2 leaps in the rankings. Indeed, despite all the improvements that have been made to it, it remains in its range and is, as such, still sold € 69,99. Less interactive than the Samsung Gear VR and its Oculus interface. However, it remains above other headsets such as the Zeiss VR One or the Xiaomi Mi VR.

[Test] Homido V2: Homido's new virtual reality headset

Prime, a successor that does not really renew the range

MAY 07/19: Since its launch in 2014, Homido says it has sold a million VR headsets. These products are available in 10 points of sale. The site also indicates that a billion smartphones work with the four flagship products. Finally, users downloaded 000 million apps.

The last of the family is called Homido Prime. Available since June 2018, this one strongly resembles the Google Daydream. The interpupillary distance can be adjusted and the field of view reaches 110 degrees. The facial contact foam turns out to be interchangeable, while the French manufacturer claims that it works with most Android and Apple smartphones. Sold at the same price as its elder, or 69,99 euros, it does not have a storage box. You will find in the box a user manual, a cleaning wipe and a strap. As for the V2, it is necessary to obtain an additional controller. The company offers three models: one sold at 19,99 euros and the other two at 29,99 euros.

The VR Center has grown and now benefits from 200 hours of content. Obviously, the Homido Prime outperforms the V2, but the advances between the two products remain slight.

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Homido is in the right direction with the Homido V2.  Those who already own the previous model will be able to settle for it, if they do not wish to own a helmet with a more polished and comfortable design. Improvements related to functionality are quite welcome. The interface, however not up to the Oculus interface, will offer you a wide and vast array of VR content. You can also get a Bluetooth controller (and we recommend bluetooth headphones because some cables will not reach your smartphone) which, we imagine, will greatly facilitate navigation within the headset. We hope that the manufacturer will continue in this direction to possibly offer an even better quality V3.

Good points

  • its design
  • Its comfort
  • Its protective cover
  • Its lenses and their settings
  • Its Homido Center application

Negative points

  • Its Homido Player application
  • A trigger with relative reactivity


Design: The helmet is sophisticated, understated and takes a big step forward compared to the previous model. Features: The phone is properly maintained and the trigger, when it reacts, allows you to comfortably consult your content. Sound: The sound will be that of your phone. However, some headphones with thick cables will not fit in your product. Graphics: The graphics are very good, provided you can manage to find high resolution content. Value for money: Sold cheaper than the Samsung Gear VR or the Zeiss VR One, it's a good buy if you don't have the first Homido headset

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